Lizzo Announced She'd Be Joining The Simpsons In The Most Lizzo Way Possible

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Simpsons fanatics come from every lifestyle, including celebrities. Multiple celebs have paid homage to the longest-running animated series in various ways, and now one of those celebrity fans, multi-Grammy winner Lizzo will make her mark on Springfield. It seems like almost every celebrity who is a fan of the show dreams of ending up on it, and some stars achieve that goal.  Now, Lizzo, who has been a fan of the show for some time now, has added her name to the list of guest stars, and of course, she did it in the most Lizzo way possible.

The multi-Grammy winner couldn’t hold back her excitement as she hopped on her Twitter account to share the news. The longtime Simpsons fan unveiled what she’ll look like as she joins the citizens of Springfield (Yitty-inspired ensemble included). Of course, in true Lizzo fashion, the entertainer had to throw the word "bitch" at the end to add some on-brand flare to the announcement. Check out what she’ll look like in her The Simpsons debut in her tweet below.

Of course, Lizzo couldn’t celebrate her animated TV debut without saying the b-word. Using the word is the rapper-singer’s usual term of endearment toward her friends and fans. So, this was just her way of letting her fans know her Simpsons dreams are coming true. However, the music star looks like she’ll fit in perfectly with the Springfield crowd as her animated self resembles her without sacrificing the show’s style. Sporting the two-piece ensemble was the perfect tie-in to make viewers aware of her fashion brand Yitty. A win-win for all.

Lizzo's been open about her love for the long-running animated sitcom for a while now. She just let her Simpsons fan flag fly when she dressed as Simpsons matriarch Marge for Halloween last year following her epic Baby Yoda costume. Lizzo didn’t just wear a store-bought costume, she went full Marge with a green dress, red pearl necklace, and signature blue beehive. You can check out her transformation into the iconic animated TV housewife in her Instagram post below.

As seen in the clip, she became Marge Simpson with yellow skin to match. The pop star was all about bringing the Simpsons matriarch to the real world. However, Lizzo didn’t just pay homage to one animated TV classic but two as she used audio from Family Guy’s Lois Griffin to recreate the iconic moment where she catches Peter in bed with her mother. She gave the world the Simpsons-Family Guy mash-up they didn’t know they needed. Of course, both animated families have come together previously through the Simpsons-Family Guy crossover episode “The Simpsons Guy,” and if they ever do that again, maybe Lizzo could be involved.

The Grammy winner will appear in the Season 34 finale, which will air in May. Compared to past guest stars, Lizzo will be pulling double duty in her The Simpsons debut, according to EW. She will not only play herself but voice an elf doll that magically comes to life following an accident involving family breadwinner Homer. Her elf character will serve as a guide for him as he looks back on his life. On the other side, animated Lizzo will have a jam session with Lisa Simpson during the season finale.

It is currently unknown when the Season 34 finale will air in May. If you want to catch up with The Simpsons, check out the current season available through a Hulu subscription, and you can watch previous seasons of the long-running animated comedy by getting a Disney+ subscription. Also, be sure to look over our 2023 TV schedule to so you are ready to watch Lizzo in the season finale of The Simpsons this spring.

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