More Details Behind Wendy Williams' Talk Show Absence Are Breaking, And It Sounds Troublesome

Daytime viewers who are fans of Wendy Williams and her talk show have now spent months wondering what’s going on with both the host and the future of her show. Currently in Season 13, The Wendy Williams Show has been without its namesake host all season, with Williams suffering complications from a number of health issues. Guest hosts have filled in the entire time, and there’s word that the producers are looking to name one permanent guest host and potentially replace Williams completely. Now, another detail behind her absence appears to be breaking, with troublesome reports claiming that Williams isn’t even involved with her show anymore.

What’s Going On With Wendy Williams And Her Talk Show Behind The Scenes?

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that, after almost a full season of guest hosts claiming Wendy Williams' spot on her show, the producers were in the process of finalizing a deal to set Sherri Shepherd as the permanent guest host of The Wendy Williams Show. Shepherd, a comedian and actress who co-hosted The View from 2007 through 2014, has guest hosted the daytime show several times, and been a regular in Season 13, with her quickly becoming a fan favorite. 

However, a report from The Wrap, is now saying that even though Williams had been intimately involved in her show (and had, in the past, helped choose who would step in to guest host when she needed to be away), the producers are working out plans for the series’ future without any assistance from Williams. The outlet’s source noted that “she’s currently not involved with the show in any way,” and added that Williams will not return to the air during the remainder of this season. The source, apparently, didn't say how long the producers had been working without Williams' input. 

What Does This Mean For Wendy Williams And The Future Of Her Show?

Honestly, it’s hard to know for sure, because there have been so many conflicting reports about everything from the actual state of Williams health to her plans for the show and the plans the producers have. 

After months of hearing nothing official (with only a photo of her eating being posted by her son), Williams’ representative, Howard Bragman, came out just a few days ago and said that allegations that her condition had deteriorated to the point where she could barely hold normal conversations, eat or dress on her own on a regular basis were “inaccurate.” Bragman also said that talk of Williams not returning to her show was simple “speculation,” and should be treated as such.

But, if it’s true that the producers of The Wendy Williams Show feel they see the writing on the wall where it comes to Williams and her potentially never being well enough to return, to the point where they are planning the show’s future without consulting her, then it is entirely possible that neither Williams nor any of her representatives would truly know what’s going on. Which would fit with another report that claimed her allies have abandoned her.

It’s worth noting that Williams is listed as the creator of The Wendy Williams Show, as well as being one of the executive producers. If her fellow producers really are making plans to replace her permanently with Shepherd without discussing it with her, there will likely be some financial and / or legal wrangling involved to make that happen. 

As was reported earlier, the current plan is supposedly to finish the season with guest hosts, take the standard summer hiatus and see whether or not Wendy Williams’ is healthy enough and has enough of her old spark back to return. If not, producers are said to want to start Season 14 with Sherri Shepherd set as permanent guest host, with it being possible that they will simply change the name of the show to reflect her being the new permanent host as early as September. 

We’ll probably be hearing more about this in the coming weeks, but for more to watch until then, be sure to check out the 2022 TV premiere dates.

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