Wendy Williams Reportedly Had A Lonely Christmas In The Midst Of Health Battle

Talk show host Wendy Williams has had a number of personal issues force her to take time away from her beloved show in the past few years, none the least of which revolve around her health. Season 13 of The Wendy Williams Show was delayed a couple of times because of these problems, and the host has been absent from the entire season so far, with guest hosts filling in. Now, though, it sounds like Williams actually had a pretty lonely Christmas, in the middle of her current health battle, as, reportedly, her “friends have all left.”

Why Was Wendy Williams Supposedly Alone For Christmas?

Wendy Williams has been known for decades for delivering hot takes on celebrity hot topics, but has been the focal point of many surprising news stories since 2019, when she left husband Kevin Hunter after he was revealed to have had a child with his mistress. Since then, she’s seen a number of setbacks, which include the loss of her mother, Shirley Williams, in 2020, and the loss of several close friends. According to an anonymous source to The U.S. Sun, those former friends have seemingly been leaving her side because of Williams’ behavior:

[She] no longer has any allies; she is totally unable to keep friends because they say she 'uses' people. She’s incredibly rude to people who try to get close to her, or try to help her.

While one would hope that Williams at least spent time with her 21-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr., over the holidays, if this report has any truth to it, there could be several reasons why she finds herself without much of a support network right now. For one thing, she’s made a career out of airing her unfiltered opinions on the lives of others, and that can be a difficult thing for people to deal with, especially if they’re famous in their own right and already trying to keep news about their personal business away from the public’s knowledge.

Also, as anyone who’s had a loved one with chronic health issues, or has suffered from them themselves will know, it’s not easy to handle being sick all the time, even if you and your doctors have found ways to manage your illnesses. Dealing with such things really can change a person’s whole outlook on life, and sometimes, not for the better.

Let’s also not forget that Williams has been famous for a very long time, and it’s likely hard to tell who’s actually interested in you, versus those who are simply looking for a leg up when it comes to their careers / fame. If she’s become suspicious of long time friends or starts new relationships by being doubtful of someone’s motives, that could easily lead to negative interactions

What’s Next For Wendy Williams?

There’s no word yet on when Williams might return to her daytime show, but it’s been doing surprisingly well with viewers in her absence. Comedian / actress Sherri Shepherd has taken a number of the guest hosting gigs this season, and several fans have called for her to become the permanent host. While Williams was still on the show daily, she’d been getting called out more and more for handling some topics in a disrespectful manner, feuding with celebrities, instigating strong responses from them, or just plain doing what many felt were odd things while live on the air. So, it makes sense that some of her fans would be ready to move on from her daily shenanigans when it comes to what they want from their daytime TV.

All we can really hope for is that Wendy Williams continues to get the help she needs so that she can fully recover and be the best version of herself, inside and out. This might not immediately lead her back to the purple chair on The Wendy Williams Show, but at least she’d be able to plan her next professional and personal steps with a clearer head. 

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