The Wendy Williams Show Announces More Guest Hosts In Wendy’s Absence, As Show Moves Toward Full Season Without Her

While many viewers of The Wendy Williams Show have continued to watch the daytime series in Season 13 as a number of guest hosts have held down the gossip-friendly fort erected by the outspoken Williams, there are millions who still hope for her return, sooner rather than (even) later. Unfortunately, those fans got another blow when the show announced more guest hosts for February, as the show moves toward a full season without its namesake. 

Who Will Be Guest Hosting The Wendy Williams Show In February?

As The Wendy Williams Show went into its standard summer hiatus last year, I’m sure few of those behind the show could have predicted the turmoil that would befall them as the new season was about to start up. They pushed the premiere from September to early October because of Williams’ breakthrough COVID diagnosis, but then had to proceed without her as several other health issues became her priority. Recently, the show announced on its Instagram page that previous guest hosts Remy Ma, Sherrie Shepherd, Fat Joe, Michael Rapaport, Terrence J, and Bevy Smith will all return for hosting duties in February.

According to Page Six, which spoke to a representative from The Wendy Williams Show, these hosts will also take the show through Friday, March 4. But, when the rep was asked about the possibility that this could mean that Williams won’t return by the end of the season, they responded by saying, “Don’t overreach.”

What Does This Next Round Of Guest Hosts Mean For Wendy Williams And Her Show?

The short answer to that question right now is that we don’t know, and aren’t quite sure who does know. It’s clear, though, that those still running things at the daytime talker at least want everyone to keep the hope alive that Wendy Williams will come back to reclaim her famous purple chair before we’ve said goodbye to the current season. 

I’m sure that Williams herself has the same hope, as anyone who watched her work her sometimes odd magic while hosting could see that she thoroughly enjoyed doing it. But, we have yet to hear any updated specifics from either the producers of the show, or Williams herself, on how she’s actually feeling right now, and whether or not the end of her health sabbatical is actually in sight. All we’ve gotten since her message to fans as the season was ramping up is a photo of her eating, which was posted by her son earlier this month.

With about six months of no official word on how Williams is doing in her battle with complications from Graves’ disease and several other health problems, rumors have run rampant. We’ve heard reports that say Williams has run off all of her allies, to the point where she spent the holidays lonely, and claims that she’s having trouble doing previously simple things like holding conversations and dressing herself.

There are a lot of fans who’ve pointed to her controversial / disrespectful behavior on the show in the recent past, and have publicly hoped that one of the guest hosts will simply take over her slot permanently. Right now, though, there’s no telling if we’ll watch Wendy Williams return to her show before Season 13 wraps for summer hiatus this year, so fans will just have to wait and see.

Check your local listings to see when / where The Wendy Williams Show airs in your area, but if you need more to watch, take a look at our 2022 TV schedule.

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