Will Wendy Williams Ever Return To TV? New Report Sounds Like Bad News

Ever since it was revealed late last year that Wendy Williams wouldn’t be able to return to her popular daytime talk show because of a host of health issues, fans have been wondering about two things: when the host would finally grace her purple chair again, and how she was healing up. Now, viewers still want to know if they’ll see Williams return to TV, but a new report just sounds like more bad news for Wendy Williams, and her many fans.

What’s Being Said About Wendy Williams’ Health Now

The Wendy Williams Show has been rolling along since the fall with a number of guest hosts leading the proceedings. While many viewers have enjoyed watching them, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want Williams back at her post, but an anonymous source for The U.S. Sun is reporting that such a thing is unlikely to happen any time soon, considering the current state of her health. According to the source: 

The spark is gone. That Wendy, who for ten years had that spark in her eyes, that cheeky grin and that little wink is not the same now. She’s not always functioning like she used to be. She has days where she needs help eating, getting out of bed and getting dressed. Sometimes she goes out in a robe and without shoes on- the old Wendy would never have allowed herself to be seen out like that. There are people who Wendy knows- who have worked closely with her- and there are days that she has no idea who they are…She’s been having a hard time holding a conversation.

The last official statement we’ve supposedly gotten from Williams was posted to Instagram back on November 8, as Season 13 of her daytime talk show was moving along without her. She noted that she was “making progress” but had to listen to her doctors and take the time needed to deal with her health problems, which were said to be due to COVID, Graves’ disease, and hyperthyroidism.

Will Wendy Williams Return To TV?

Part of what’s making the wait difficult for fans, is likely the fact that we haven’t heard anything from Williams directly, and even official news from the show hasn’t given us any information on how she’s doing or if / when she might return. Earlier this month, Williams' son, Kevin Hunter, Jr., shared a photo of his mom eating on his Instagram Stories, which did give many some hope. But, if the situation is even half as bad as the source claims, there’s no telling whether or not that picture is really a sign that the host is getting better.

While Williams has always been relatively controversial, the past few years have seen her behavior on her show come under fire several times for how she handled very sensitive topics, while also getting into a few public feuds with other celebrities. A report right after the holidays also suggested that her off-screen behavior had led to her being mostly alone for Christmas because her “friends have all left.” 

For now, The Wendy Williams Show is continuing with its round of guest hosts through the end of January. Hopefully, even if Wendy Williams doesn’t return by the end of the season, she will find herself feeling more like she used to before much longer.

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