NCIS And NCIS: LA Stars United For A Fun Pic, Now Fans Can't Stop Talking About Another Crossover

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While NCIS crossed over with the newest series in the franchise, NCIS: Hawai'i, earlier this year, it's been quite some time since the flagship series made the trip to Los Angeles. However, after NCIS' Sean Murray and NCIS: LA star LL Cool J were recently pictured together, fans want a new crossover now more than ever.

Sean Murray, who has portrayed Timothy McGee since the first season of NCIS, posted a photo to Instagram of him and Sam Hanna himself, LL Cool J. Although it's unknown what exactly brought them together, considering there hasn't been a crossover between NCIS and NCIS: LA since 2015, this is definitely better than nothing:

The picture has made fans in the comments section talk about a potential crossover... and talk, and talk, and talk. User juliark1704 expressed interest in seeing the two shows come together again, using the #ncisfamily hashtag that Sean Murray used in his post:

I definitely would love to see an ncis and ncis la crossover ❤️❤️💕#ncis #ncisla #ncisfamily

With the NCIS trio of shows all renewed for the 2022-23 TV season, perhaps something can happen then? webartly has high hopes that the NCIS and NCIS: LA teams will come together once again:

I hope another crossover between #NCIS and #NCISLA will happen!

Now that NCIS: Hawai'i is on the scene and NCISNick Torres and Jessica Knight have already gotten acquainted with the new team, maybe we could get a three-part crossover? jmic84 certainly wishes that all three shows will come together soon. If it can happen for the One Chicago and FBI franchises, even in the midst of COVID, why not NCIS?

Man I wish they would do a crossover with all 3

It's clear that a crossover within the NCIS franchise is much-needed after so long, and dkmartin33 is adding on to that sentiment:

👏🙌😍. Hi guys!!!!!!!! Would Love to see some more cross overs!!!!! #ncis

Even though NCIS Season 19 did not end all that long ago, it wouldn't be surprising if discussions on the upcoming seasons were already happening. Again, it's unknown why the actors were meeting, but rjkeilok has the sneaky suspicion it was about next season's potential crossover:

Talking about a crossover for next season?

There is no telling if we could get a crossover next season, but it's definitely harder to do one in the NCIS franchise since the shows all take place in different cities. That being said, it has happened before, and fans are definitely interested. Fingers are crossed that the writers and producers will see how much a crossover is wanted, or maybe Sean Murray can tell them himself since majority of the comments on his Instagram post are about it.

Meanwhile, NCIS will be heading into its 20th season in the fall. Seasons that big deserve to have something even bigger happen... like a team-up between three shows. Or maybe even have Mark Harmon's Gibbs make a grand return. There are so many possibilities of what will happen, but hopefully, some sort of a crossover will happen, even if it is just a one-episode guest appearance. 

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