Newly Revealed Outlander Season 6 Scene Confirms That Even Jamie Is Worried About Those New Arrivals

You guys? We are finally coming closer to the end of the current Droughtlander being over! Not only will book nine in the series release in late November, but the sixth season of the Starz hit based on the novels is due sometime early next year. Now, a newly revealed scene from Outlander Season 6 has confirmed that even Jamie is worried about some new arrivals to Fraser’s Ridge: the Christie family.

Even fans of Outlander who haven’t kept up with author Diana Gabaldon’s books have known for several months that Season 6 of the romantic time-travel drama would bring Tom, Malva, and Allan Christie to live with Jamie, Claire and their other assorted friends and family members. But, we’ve also suspected for quite a while that their arrival on the Ridge would lead to some big trouble, and now a newly revealed scene from the premiere of the upcoming season, which was given to Entertainment Weekly, proves that Jamie is also very wary of the family...Tom, especially.

In a page from the Season 6, Episode 1 script, the scene opens with Jamie having explained the issues he had with Tom Christie while both were imprisoned at Ardsmuir decades earlier. That leads to Claire noting that maybe Fraser’s Ridge isn’t the best place for Tom and his family, to which Jamie responds:

When I put out a call to Ardsmuir men, I couldna verra well say all of them but one…

Well, it does, indeed, seem that this implies that even Jamie knows that having Tom Christie (and possibly his daughter and son) around could lead to some tension. And, if the show follows along with even a few of the events that came in the sixth book, the Frasers are in for some less than great times after those darn Christies move in.

The trouble at Ardsmuir started because Jamie, who was a leader among the men there, is a devout Catholic, while Tom, also a strong force among the imprisoned, holds firm to Protestant beliefs. Unfortunately, those differences (and whatever issues they caused) paled in comparison to what happened after Tom brought his kids to live on Fraser’s Ridge. 

In the novel, their arrival leads to an assortment of love triangles, lies, rumors and some big mysteries to solve, all intimately involving either Jamie, Claire or someone else in their immediate family, so Jamie’s gut instinct that the clan will be trouble could be right on the money for the show. As executive producer Maril Davis said about the Christies and Season 6:

They're all coming to the Ridge searching for something, whether that's salvation, hope, or whatever it is. I'm not sure if they'll find it. [Meanwhile,] Jamie and Claire keep thinking they're safe at Fraser's Ridge, but in Season 6 we're asking, 'What do you do when your home turns against you?' We'll see how that happens in their own backyard.

Oh, boy. I really need Claire and Jamie’s entire home to not turn against them. There’s already a war coming. When are they going to have time for making that sweet, sweet love if no one is on their side?!

We can see how the action kicks off when Outlander Season 6 hits Starz in early 2022. In the meantime, you can check out our guide to upcoming romantic TV shows, and see what’s airing right now with our 2021 fall TV schedule!

Adrienne Jones
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