Norman Reedus Suffered Injury On The Set Of The Walking Dead As The Show Nears End Of Filming

AMC’s The Walking Dead has been making the rounds with its final season victory lap, as we’re in the middle of Season 11’s expected 24-episode run. With the filming of the final episodes still underway, the stars of the hit cable drama are preparing for the future and closing the book on the story that started it all. However, this last ride comes with its own complications, as we’ve most recently seen with series star Norman Reedus suffering an injury during this last leg of production. 

According to reporting from Deadline, The Walking Dead set saw this unfortunate accident occur on March 11th. Through a statement from Norman Reedus’ spokesperson, Jeffrey Chassen, the full extent of the situation was laid out as follows: 

Norman suffered a concussion on set. He is recovering well and will return to work soon. Thank you to everyone for their concern.

Due to this concussion, the schedule for The Walking Dead’s production of those final episodes will have to be shifted by “a few days.” Thankfully, it sounds like the actor's injuries are not too severe, with caution still being taken for his safety. Present in the series since its inception, with Season 2 marking his start as a regular cast member, the star is best known as fan favorite character Daryl Dixon.

Details surrounding the accident itself, including whether or not Norman Reedus was filming at the time, are absent at this time. While the flagship title in AMC's small-screen horror universe is coming to a close, Reedus isn’t finished playing Daryl just yet. Especially when the future is promising to add to the list of the best friendship moments between Daryl and Carol.

As AMC continues to spinoff other series that follow characters originating from this root story, one of the upcoming adventures we have to look forward to is the Daryl and Carol-le spinoff promised back in 2020. Set to co-star Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, this is in addition to the more recently announced Isle of the Dead spinoff, which will follow Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan and Lauren Cohan’s Maggie in an undead New York City.

There’s a lot to look out for on the horizon of The Walking Dead’s post-finale universe, and Norman Reedus is still an important part of what comes next. We here at CinemaBlend wish a speedy recovery to Mr. Reedus, and hope he’s back in action in no time. Especially if the episodes to come involve him punching out a potentially returning Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead currently airs on AMC, Sunday nights at 9 P.M. ET, so be sure that you're up on everything we know about Season 11. And if you’re looking for the latest updates on premieres through the winter and spring seasons, check out the 2022 TV schedule.

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