9 Recent Big Brother Players I Want To See Return For Another Season

Tiffany and Julie Chen Moonves on Big Brother
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Big Brother 23 was a season that showed a different side of the game and some good players. It’s a new era for the CBS series, and one can’t help but wonder if this new era couldn’t do with a bit of nostalgia and second chances for some well-deserving former Big Brother Houseguests. 

Houseguests come back to Big Brother all the time, so before the production team started to search out who they’d pick for Season 24, maybe these folks are worth a look? 

Tiffany Mitchell on Big Brother

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Tiffany Mitchell

Big Brother 23’s Tiffany Mitchell won America’s Favorite Player, and most would argue she deserves another chance to play the game. She masterminded The Cookout’s strategy that got them to the Final 6 with her back-to-back Head of Household wins. Unfortunately, her second win played much to her detriment and made her an easy target when The Cookout finally had to cull its own. Mitchell’s self-awareness of her gameplay post-game would aid her upon re-entry, though she’d definitely be a target to other players familiar with her. Seeing her play without The Cookout would be a true test of her skill in the game, and could solidify her as one of the best Houseguests to ever play.

Tommy Bracco on Big Brother

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Tommy Bracco

When it comes to Big Brother Houseguests that are super fans of Big Brother, it’s hard to find one as great as Tommy Bracco. Bracco found cover as a quiet player (despite fan attempts to expose his game) in the Gr8ful alliance in Season 21 but still pulled his weight with one Head Of Household win and two Power of Veto wins. Those advanced his game far beyond the confines of his starting alliance, but a crucial lie from Jackson Michie effectively ended his game. It would be great to see Bracco’s energy back in the Big Brother house and see if he has what it takes to win if given a second chance. 

Donny Thompson on Big Brother

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Donny Thompson

Who doesn’t love Donny Thompson? The Big Brother 16 Houseguest won one Head of Household, three Veto competitions, and two Battle of the Block wins. Did I mention he won America’s Favorite Houseguest with over 50% of the fan vote? Honestly, the fact that 50% of Big Brother fans liked Donny should alone put him in the running for one of the best to play the game. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but he certainly deserves to play again and I think many fans are behind that sentiment.  

Haleigh on Big Brother

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Haleigh Broucher

Haleigh Broucher, aka the Hacker of Big Brother Season 20, is undoubtedly one of the most beloved recent Houseguests of the CBS series. I think it’s fair to say she had a lot going against her given all the missteps of her FOUTTE alliance, but fans still noticed the potential she brought to the game as a player with her Head Of Household win. Without a self-sabotaging alliance and a showmance, one might wonder if Broucher would be a completely different Houseguest. It’s possible the answer is no, but shouldn’t we try to find out?   

Scottie on Big Brother

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Scottie Salton

The nerd archetype of Big Brother Houseguests pops up a lot in seasons, but how often have we had that nerd return with a massive glow-up? The Scottie Salton Big Brother fans watched in Season 20 is no longer that guy, and many who follow him on Instagram know that. Many of his updates showcase his fitness journey, which could help him further establish himself as a competitive threat in a future season. Remember, Scottie won a Head of Household, Veto, and re-entered the game with his comp skills, so he could do some real damage in competitions if given another shot. Plus, it’s not often we see a radically transformed Houseguest, so this is a great opportunity for that. 

Hannah Chaddha on Big Brother

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Hannah Chaddha

Hannah Chaddha had a solid strategy going into Big Brother Season 23; lose. Chaddha intended to throw as many competitions (save a veto win) as possible to minimize the target on her back. It worked out pretty well, though her low profile rose significantly within The Cookout because of her close relationship with Tiffany Mitchell. Once Mitchell left, Chaddha was the easy nomination. I’m not sure her low-key tactics would work a second time around in Big Brother, but I’m more than willing to find out!

Vanessa on Big Brother

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Vanessa Rousso

When the age-old question of “robbed” would-be winners of Big Brother is brought up, Vanessa Rousso is often towards the top of the list. She had four Head of Household wins, three Veto wins, and masterminded The Sixth Sense alliance. Rousso even had the jury fully prepared to vote her the winner of the game had she made it to the Final Two, but alas, the Big Brother Houseguest got unlucky and left the game in third place. That’s classic Big Brother, but at the very least, Rousso should get a chance to run it back if she wanted. 

Victor on Big Brother

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Victor Arroyo

Big Brother welcomed Nicole Franzel not once, not twice, but three times for different seasons. I think the fandom has seen Franzel more than enough, especially in the past five years, but they haven’t seen much of her husband Victor Arroyo outside of social media. Arroyo’s isn’t found on any “comp beast” lists, but the guy had a hell of a run with three Head of Household wins, one veto win, and a Battle-Back victory which required three wins. He also won America’s Favorite Houseguest, which has to show America wants to see this Big Brother houseguest again, right? Let’s give Arroyo another chance.

Ovi Kabir on Big Brother

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Ovi Kabir

Ovi Kabir is a Big Brother superfan and has shown in the past couple of years he’s incredibly knowledgeable about the game. Unfortunately, he didn’t stand a chance in Big Brother 21, as he and others were immediately targeted by the Unde9able alliance and sent out without much chance of saving themselves. Kabir did manage to win one power in a competition in his short run, and perhaps with a second shot in the house, he wouldn’t immediately reveal he won that power and make himself a target. Everyone makes mistakes in Big Brother, but Kabir could show that some people learn if given another chance. 

Big Brother Season 24 is coming to CBS in the summer of 2022, but Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is slated to premiere in February. Keep with CinemaBlend for more updates on the series and for more updates on the franchise in general.

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