Will Big Brother 23's Hannah Confess Her Feelings To Derek In The Jury House? Here's What She Told Us

Hannah Chaddha’s crush on Derek Xiao is about the worst kept secret of Big Brother Season 23. The fans know about it, many of the Houseguests know about it, but because she hid her feelings from him in the house, Derek X has no idea. In fact, Derek teased to Julie Chen Moonves during his eviction there was some potential interest on his end in a romantic relationship with Hannah, but he was unsure of how she felt. Sparks could fly in the jury house if the two confess their feelings, but does Hannah intend to have that conversation?

CinemaBlend sent questions to Hannah on her way to the jury and asked whether or not she’d confess her crush to Derek X when she arrived in the jury house. Hannah broke down what’s happening in her head at the moment and what she’ll have to figure out moving forward. Particularly if she wants the chance for things to go any further with her and Derek X.

I do not know how DX feels about me. I’m sure at this point DX knows about The Cookout and my involvement in it. Maybe he knows that I definitely helped orchestrate his demise in this game, and I don’t know how he’s going to feel about that. I don’t know if he’s going to want to talk to me. I don’t know if he’s going to want to be friends with me after the show so, that is to be determined. First I just need to figure out if the man will even want to talk to me. Then we can go from there. But, um, I still have a crush on DX. He’s DX! Who doesn’t love DX?

Unfortunately, it would appear Hannah is still a bit nervous about facing DX following his eviction. Big Brother did reveal in recent episodes that Derek and the rest of the jury house had figured out The Cookout alliance before Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah arrived, but Tiffany and Hannah hadn’t arrived by the last check-in segment to confirm the other Houseguests’ suspicions.

The good news for Hannah Chaddha is that Derek Xiao doesn’t seem to be mad about The Cookout or that his fake Final Two partner lied about the alliance in order to protect her game. As for whether or not the romance between the two will happen, obviously, it’s hard to predict how any conversation about that will ultimately pan out. Perhaps the two will give it a shot and ultimately realize they aren’t a match, and that’s OK, or perhaps there is real potential. At the very least, though, it would be nice to see the two talk out their crushes neither ever acted on while playing Big Brother, particularly considering the audience is invested in this situation.

To note, the CBS reality series has played matchmaker pretty well in the past, and the series has more married couples who met on the show than The Bachelor, so don’t discount a meaningful romance between Hannah and Derek X just yet. Big Brother Season 23 is nearly at an end at CBS, so make sure to stick with CinemaBlend as we reach finale night and stick around for all the fun to follow as we countdown the days until Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.

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