Big Brother's Nicole Franzel Reveals Why She'll Call Her Baby Arrow

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Big Brother Season 23 is just around the corner, but that's not the only major news happening in the BB-verse. Season 17 winner and franchise all-star Nicole Franzel-Arroyo is expecting to welcome her baby boy with husband (and fellow former Houseguest) Victor Arroyo in the coming weeks, and they're planning to call the baby Arrow, which has sparked a bit of curiosity.

Arrow may be an unconventional name for a child, but as Nicole Franzel-Arroyo explained in a recent Instagram post, it won't actually be his legal name. Franzel broke down the story behind why she decided he will be called Arrow for the foreseeable future, and no, it doesn't involve a deep-seated fascination with Stephen Amell's CW superhero. In her words:

Breaking down the deets: Our baby’s real name is Victor Arroyo IV. His nickname is Arrow. Victor is Victor Arroyo III for those of you who didn’t know! No middle name. The reason I insisted on a “nickname” is bc I don’t want people to call him baby Vic/little Vic his whole life. I know people who are 60 years old and they’re still “little Johnny” & they don’t like it. Another thing—my closest people call me Coco & I love it. It stuck and I’ve had it since I was a a baby so that’s what I’m hoping Arrow feels too! It’s fun having a name that people who really know you refer to you as. If he grows up and wants to be called Victor we will do that too. It’s all up to him once he understands!

While the name "Arrow" may not be conventional, it's certainly normal to give same-named offspring a different nickname from their father than just "Jr." It totally makes sense that that outspoken Nicole Franzel-Arroyo doesn't want to subject her son to potentially being referred to as Junior for the rest of his life, while still keeping the option open should Arrow choose to eschew the nickname by taking his father's name for himself later in life.

Nicole Franzel-Arroyo's son's name isn't just the only interesting part of the story, as its origin was a stroke of luck born out of a mistake. Apparently, it was not wholly the couple's idea to nickname their son Arrow, as one of their fans on social media inspired the nickname.

I think Arrow is a bad ask [sic] name and I’m so pumped! Thank you to the Coco Caliente Listener on our podcast Facebook page who accidentally typed Arrow instead of Arroyo— you are the reason we found this name!!

Given the timeline of Nicole Franzel-Arroyo's pregnancy timeline, it's very likely she'll be giving birth to Arrow when Big Brother Season 23 is in motion, so the show will probably share the news. The CBS series has shared similar updates for past Houseguests in other seasons, and given how popular Franzel-Arroyo is within the fanbase, it would be hard to imagine the season go by without host Julie Chen-Moonves offering the new mom congratulations at least once.

Big Brother Season 23 is set to premiere on CBS on Wednesday, July 7, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Have fun counting down the days to its premiere while waiting to hopefully get some more details about the twists and turns this season may bring.

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