What Big Brother 23's Tiffany Mitchell Would Do Differently If She Played Again, And How She Hopes Fans See Her Game

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Tiffany Mitchell was one of the key players responsible for the success of The Cookout, and in the eyes of many fans, she deserved to win Big Brother Season 23. Unfortunately, her success made her a threat to other Houseguests also hoping to win, and she was inevitably first from the historic alliance to get evicted from the house. Tiffany showed she was capable of great things in Big Brother with the support of The Cookout, but would she use the same strategy if she played through a second time?

One question I posed to Tiffany Mitchell via email as she made her way to the jury house was: if she were to return for a later Big Brother season, what she would do differently? The master strategist and multi-competition winner shared her playbook for what she'd do if the opportunity to play again came up, and based on her response, I kinda need CBS to make this happen as soon as possible. In her words:

If I am ever asked to play Big Brother again, I definitely plan to come and screw up the house. I want to flip votes, I want to throw rogue votes, I want to sprinkle some seeds, I want to create some drama. I want to play. I’m a player!

The response is not entirely surprising, as Tiffany Mitchell did throw a rogue vote early in the game and attempted to flip the vote a couple of times. Ultimately though, her game moves were unnecessary since The Cookout had so effectively managed to deceive the house with their majority alliance until it was too late for anything to be done. Perhaps in another season, Tiffany would be able to create some chaos right from the start, before any alliance trickery could come into play.

Without access to social media, Tiffany is unaware that she's been beloved by a bulk of fans throughout Big Brother Season 23 so far, and that she is seemingly in the running for America's Favorite Houseguest. I asked Tiffany how she hoped her game was perceived by fans, and here's what she said:

I hope that I am perceived well. You just never know how people in the house perceive you, how America perceives you. I hope that people do see me as a strategist, that’s very important to me. Using my brain is very important. I have Mama Pat to thank for that. She always taught me to use my head and to think. And this was one time in my life I was thinking all the time.

Tiffany absolutely used her head in making many great moves for her game throughout the season, but if there was one major mistake she made, it was her final Head of Household win. Tiffany defied The Cookout's plan to throw a Head of Household win to Azah Awasum and instead won it for herself. The move ultimately caused Kyland Young and Xavier Prather to doubt whether they could trust Tiffany down the stretch, and forced them to form an alliance with Derek Frazier that prioritized getting Tiffany out as soon as possible. They were successful and even managed to send out her strongest alliance member, Hannah Chaddha, soon after. Here's hoping Tiffany Mitchell gets another chance to show off her brainy gameplay in a future all-stars season.

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