Rick And Morty Fan Notices Tiny Detail That Might Tell Us Who The Real Beth Is

Rick and Morty fans are always on the lookout for easter eggs and clues regarding the show’s deeper mysteries (and what showrunner Dan Harmon has to say about them), and it’s looking like that dedication may have paid off. A fan believes they’ve finally figured out one of the series' biggest conundrums by seemingly finding evidence that hints at which Beth is the real one. So did the original Beth stay behind and raise her family, or did she strike out into the galaxy for adventure as “Space Beth”? According to this new evidence, it seems the answer is the former. 

The latest on the real Beth debate comes via Reddit, in which u/International_Let665 spotted a subtle, but distinct, difference between the two women. As they break it down in the thread, they noticed during the Season 6 premiere that their noses are shaped differently:

Jerry, Beth and Space Beth

(Image credit: Adult Swim)

Space Beth’s nose has more of a slope, while Earth Beth has more of a distinct angle. The Redditor later went to pre-Space Beth episodes that show that that Beth had the same nose as Earth Beth, which might seemingly confirm that she is the original and that the galactic variation of the character is the clone. 

If this is indeed the case, it wouldn’t be the first bit of evidence to suggest that Space Beth is Rick and Morty’s clone Beth. Fans might remember a couple of years ago when the mobile game Pocket Mortys added Space Beth to the game. Of course, someone made an error and mistakenly named her “Clone Beth” which had some fans wondering if that accidentally confirmed the answer to the big mystery. This latest evidence only bolsters the idea that Space Beth is indeed the clone, assuming it can’t be explained away somehow.

And it goes without saying, especially in an animated series like Rick and Morty, that Space Beth’s nose shape can easily be explained away. She already has a scar on her face and a vastly different haircut than her Earth counterpart, so it isn’t too out there to believe her nose might have a different shape as well. Space Beth gets into a lot of fights, so she might’ve broken it during some adventure off camera, and it just never healed correctly. If they desire, the writers could come up with an excuse for this, even though it was said at Adult Swim's SDCC panel that they allegedly don’t even know which Beth is which.  

The important question fans must ask themselves, though, is whether or not it actually matters at this point which is the original, at this point. There are mysteries and characters in the show, like Evil Morty, who seem like could have some impact on the greater story should additional details about them be revealed. It’s not immediately clear how knowing which Beth is the real Beth would change the narrative as a whole. But if it is important, then we could get answers soon, especially since Season 6 is diving deeper into the show's lore. I guess, if anything, this just motivates me to keep tuning in -- and to hold on to my HBO Max subscription so that I can scan past episodes in an attempt to prove or disprove theories.  

Catch new episodes of Rick and Morty Season 6 on Adult Swim on Sundays at 11:00 p.m. ET as part of the 2022 TV schedule. The season is still young, so now is a perfect time to catch up and see if any of our major questions regarding Season 6 are answered. 

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