Slake Your Droughtlander Thirst As Outlander Season 7 Moves Forward With Some Brand New Cast Members

Outlander Season 6 Jamie and Claire
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With Outlander Season 6 having finished its run on Starz in early May (as part of the 2022 TV schedule), that can now mean only two things. First, fans of the show are already feeling the effects of the dreaded Droughtlander as we await Season 7 (you’re forgiven for compulsively watching Outlander streaming), and, secondly, viewers will do nearly anything to get even the slightest bit of information about what the upcoming season will bring for Claire, Jamie, and everyone else at Fraser’s Ridge. Now, as we all look forward to Outlander Season 7, we can slake our terrible Droughtlander thirst knowing that the show has now cast two additional actors for the show.

Who Are The New Outlander Season 7 Actors And Who Will They Be Playing?

We were already aware that Season 7 of Outlander began filming back in April (before that explosive Outlander Season 6 ending had even aired), and now Deadline is reporting that two new actors have been cast in roles that will be pretty important to the romantic drama. Izzy Meikle-Small (Snow White and the Huntsman, Ripper Street) and Joey Phillips (Doctors, Casualty) have been hired to take on the parts of siblings Rachel Hunter and Dr. Denzell Hunter.

Izzy Meikle-Small interview and Joey Phillips on Casualty

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Outlander fans who’ve read the books (at least through the seventh novel, An Echo in the Bone) will be very well versed in the lives of Rachel and Denny (as he’s often called). The two are Quakers who were orphaned at a young age, and eventually cross paths with Young Ian and another character who will be new to Outlander Season 7, Jamie’s illegitimate son, William Ransom, as the American Revolution starts. 

In the book, Denny decides to go against the wishes of their Quaker community to work as a surgeon in the Continental army, with Rachel joining him as a camp follower. The choice not to reconcile with England leads them to being thrown out of their group of Quakers. As you might imagine, with these two being embroiled in the war effort, just like a number of our major, already-established Outlander players, Rachel and Denny end up involved in the lives of way more characters than just Ian and William.

Two additional characters isn’t exactly a lot to see come aboard Outlander’s roster in Season 7, but anyone who’s caught up will know that the time-traveling hit does (as usual) have several storylines to deal with when it returns to our screens. Not only was Claire left in a very precarious position after being arrested for the murder of Malva Christie, but we still don’t know who the real killer is, there’s another time traveler in play, and (of course) we are now very, very close to the Revolutionary War.

While we still have a while to wait until Outlander Season 7 premieres, star Sam Heughan revealed that the new season will pick up not long after that cliffhanger ending, meaning that it’s anyone’s guess right now when we’ll see Izzy Meikle-Small and Joey Phillips debut as Rachel and Dr. Denzell Hunter. But, I bet we’ll find out even more about what they’ll be doing in Outlander well before then.

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