After Major Outlander Cliffhanger, Sam Heughan Shares Details About Where Season 7 Will Kick Off

sam heughan as jamie fraser in the outlander season 6 finale
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Fans who spend their time awaiting new episodes of the hit Starz drama, Outlander, might still be at the beginning of yet another Droughtlander, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing to consider with regards to the thrilling romance. The Outlander Season 6 ending offered up a devastating cliffhanger, with Claire being arrested for the murder of the pregnant Malva (who had probably tried to kill Claire and Tom), meaning that viewers have a lot of questions they’ll want answered in the new season. After the major events of the finale, now Sam Heughan has opened up about where Outlander Season 7 will kick off.

What Did Sam Heughan Say About How Outlander Season 7 Starts?

With Outlander delivering a much shorter season than usual as part of the 2022 TV schedule, you can bet that a lot was packed into its eight episodes. In fact, there was even a time jump during the course of Episode 6, which, overall, featured tons of developments, including Claire’s discovery of Malva’s body. After Claire’s Season 6 finale arrest, though, where can viewers expect Outlander Season 7 to start the action? Star Sam Heughan recently told US Weekly:

We pick up shortly after with the end of last season, which is a great cliffhanger. America really is in sort of turmoil. There’s revolution, and Jamie and Claire are separated. There’s also the prophecy of Jamie and Claire’s death, you know, that they’re supposed to die in a fire. There’s just so much going on.

Honestly, considering everything that was very well-packed into Outlander Season 6, I think most fans would trust the writers to be able to start the seventh season after a time jump and still make it work. But, hearing that the currently very fast-paced Outlander story is going to pick up basically right where it left off really is way better for our collective curiosity.

Not only are we all dying to know just how Claire is going to be saved from her jail cell in Wilmington, with Jamie being forcibly separated from her during their trip to the city, but we’ve also come close to thinking that fateful fire that Brianna came back in time to warn her parents of was about to happen a few times. It sounds like Season 7 might finally show us exactly how and why this blaze gets started, as well as how our heroes manage to escape death yet again.

Luckily, because of the relatively tiny episode count for the recently completed season, Outlander Season 7 will have a whopping 16 episodes in which to catch us up on these developments, and many more. Heughan continued:

We really start off with a bang. The first couple episodes are really strong, and that’s as far as we’ve got shooting-wise. But I know there’s so much that we are still about to get to. Not only that you’ve got a lot of new characters coming in or characters that I think are anticipated by fans — including, of course, Jamie Fraser’s son — but a bunch of new characters as well.

It sounds like Outlander Season 7 is going to be positively packed with action, and there’s no Sassenach around who’d have it any other way. We don’t know yet when Outlander’s new season will bring us Jamie’s now adult son and the answers to our Season 6 burning questions, but you can relive Seasons 1 through 5 right now with a Netflix subscription.

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