Steve Harvey Helped Deliver An All-Time Great Celebrity Family Feud Ending Thanks To Boyz II Men And Two Wildly Wrong Guesses

Often, part of the fun in watching Family Feud revolves around rooting for one of the two families to win big during the Fast Money round, with or without completely ludicrous guesses. Things can definitely become a bit more schadenfreude-esque when it comes to Celebrity Family Feud, however. What can I say? Watching famous people make silly mistakes makes for endlessly watchable TV, especially when Steve Harvey is around to help drive home just how ridiculous those mistakes are. Such was the case for the July 31 episode of CFF, specifically the game featuring comedian and talk show host Amber Ruffin vs. the iconic R&B group Boyz II Men, which delivered one of the primetime spinoff’s most hilarious and unforgettable Fast Money rounds yet. 

Fans should absolutely check out the Celebrity Family Feud video clip below without reading too deeply into what screw-ups were made, and how detrimental they were. Enjoy!

By all means, the Boyz II Men squad were good to go into the Fast Money round with confidence, considering their efforts during the earlier rounds paid off. But it seems like maybe group members Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman temporarily dumped out some of their common sense ahead of taking center stage alongside Steve Harvey, as they both hilariously botched an extremely easy question that legitimately kept them from winning the $20,000 prize for their charity, the Diamond Derby Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center.

For those who didn’t watch, the fifth question for the Fast Money Round was:

Name a month of the year with five letters.

As many people likely surmised quickly enough, the only two months with five letters in them are March and April. But both Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman apparently had it on good information from somewhere inside their respective brains that “July” and “August” were both equally good guesses, despite neither one of them being five letters long. I mean, August does have five letters in it, if we’re answering lateral thinking brain teaser puzzles. (How many people are buried in a cemetery? All of them.) But it doesn’t appear as if anyone surveyed for Celebrity Family Feud’s questions were on that same page, since both of those answers earned goose eggs and buzzers.

And it wasn’t just that both Boyz II Men members guessed wrong that made this clip so glorious. It’s the fact that they were nine points away from victory going into Stockman’s fourth answer, for which he guessed “butter” as something that people put on the top of their oatmeal. Nobody else agreed with that culinary decision, which cemented the team’s overall loss, but that just gave Steve Harvey a chance to truly drag that inevitability out and rib Stockman as hard as possible, sending the singer to the floor in good-natured embarrassment. (Hey, at least he didn’t start dancing about it.) As Harvey put it: 

All we need is nine damn people that don’t know that it’s two U’s in August. If we get rid of one of them damn U’s, our ass is making the money.

Unfortunately, the rules of reality weren’t broken that day, and Boyz II Men did not walk away with all the money. But I’d be willing to bet the ten grand they did win that nobody in that group ever forgets how many letters are in every single month’s name.

Family Feud airs weekdays in syndication, while Celebrity Family Feud airs on ABC every Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. ET. After reading into what Harvey thinks makes for a good viral FF clip, head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way.

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