Family Feud Contestants' Answers To Disney Question Made Steve Harvey Want To Walk Off The Show

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Sometimes it's a fun idea to throw Family Feud on in order to test one's general survey-based savviness when it comes to such universal topics such as "things you'd probably find at the bottom of your wife's purse," or "places you never want to wake up after getting blackout drunk." And sometimes one watches specifically to see Family Feud host Steve Harvey completely losing his ability to comprehend how other human beings think. Such was the case on a recent episode involving a Disney-related question and a pair of forehead-smacking answers.

In a battle between the Meachem family and the Henderson family, the real winner was everyone but Steve Harvey, who didn't make it through the second round before threatening to walk off the stage. Check out the mouse-infused clip below, and be sure to watch the Meachems' first and final answers to catch all of Harvey's breakdowns.

Poor Marlin, whose erroneous concept of the Disney Animated Universe was so all-encompassing that it stretched beyond the company's borders and brought in Warner Bros.' most beloved floppy-eared mascot, Bugs Bunny. But honestly, that's not even what makes the answer so ridiculous, since the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a popular example of those two worlds actually meshing.

Rather, the more pure absurdity comes from the idea that, upon learning of Mickey Mouse's infidelity, that Minnie Mouse would look beyond every other creature she knows in order to tell a complete stranger about her extremely sensitive and personal situation. And a complete wiseacre at that, who probably wouldn't have a whole lot of empathy for Minnie's situation. In fact, I wouldn't be overly surprised to learn that Bugs Bunny, while dressed as a woman, was the one that Mickey got touchy-feely with. Ain't he a stinker.

Steve Harvey was so thrown by that answer that he popped the foam off of Marlin's microphone and threw it at him. If there's a bigger unspoken signal for "Get that answer outta here," I haven't seen it.

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Of course, it didn't end there. After the Henderson family built the points up with a few right answers, they bottomed out and control went back to the Meachems, who had the chance to steal. But the family leader Char went down the same route as Marlin by offering up a character that barely has anything to do with the world of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the princess Cinderella. Sure, she's under the same umbrella of Disney animation, but that's about it.

It's clear that Steve Harvey had very little faith in Cinderella being one of the top answers on the board, to the point where (after throwing his cards into the air), he claimed that he would walk right off the show if Cinderella did show up. To the surprise of few people outside of the Meachem family, Cinderella was not one of the answers, and Harvey got back to it for the next round. After someone picked up those cards, of course.

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Family Feud airs in syndication, so check your local listings to see when and where it's airing in your area. And to see what else is hitting the small screen soon, check out our Summer 2020 premiere schedule.

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