The Rookie Showrunner Talks Nolan And Bailey Reveal In Midseason Finale

Nathan Fillion helping Jenna Dewan on The Rookie.
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Spoilers ahead for the midseason finale of The Rookie, “Breakdown.” Read at your own risk!

ABC cop procedural The Rookie aired its midseason finale and it was full of action and twists. The episode included the climax to the Elijah situation with Wesley, with Elijah finally getting what he deserved. It also included a big step in Nolan and Bailey’s relationship, with Bailey finally meeting Nolan’s son, Henry (albeit via FaceTime). Showrunner Alexi Hawley discussed the romantic partners and the shocking reveal that Bailey is, in fact, married.

Nolan and Bailey’s relationship first started towards the end of Season 3, and it only grew from there. At the end of the midseason finale, Jason, Bailey’s husband, revealed himself as he just got out of prison while Nolan and Bailey were at a café. Alexi Hawley explained to TV Insider what fans can look forward to when the series comes back in January and how Jason will impact Bailey and Nolan’s relationship:

He’s not a good guy. I mean, we love Bailey and so there’s clearly got to be a reason why this has been a secret for her. Again, it ties into her intimacy issues and her relationship issues but what kind of a relationship was it, what kind of a guy was she married to that she would run away from him so hard that she wouldn’t even talk about him? That’s really what we’re going to get into in the next few episodes.

It definitely seems like when The Rookie comes back in a few weeks, fans will have a lot to unpack. Nolan and Bailey have been getting pretty close and this new and shocking information will likely put a strain on their relationship. Jenna Dewan was promoted to series regular for the current season, so this storyline will presumably play a big part in the second half of Season 4

Nolan and Bailey have been getting closer throughout the first half of Season 4, even nearly dying for one another at one point. In the midseason finale, Nathan Fillion’s Nolan was even contemplating asking Jenna Dewan’s Bailey to marry him. What Nolan really wanted, however, was for his son to meet her and give him his opinion. And when it did happen, Henry approved of her and all was well. Even though Nolan was not actually ready to propose, he knew he really liked her. And now, Jason is in the mix to potentially complicate things!

Meanwhile, the midseason finale also included some heartbreaking closure (sorta) between Bradford and his dying father, and also opened up old wounds in Harper’s relationship with her ex while trying to fight for custody of her daughter. It looks like Season 4 will be filled with even more action and emotions when the series comes back on Sunday, January 2, 2022. Don’t miss it! Check out CinemaBlend for more news.

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