How The Rookie Will ‘Shed Some Light’ On Bradford In Season 4

Chenford in The Rookie
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Season 4 of cop procedural The Rookie has already been full of emotion and action. The characters are doing a lot more this season, some more than others, and fans will be getting some new background on newly minted Sergeant Tim Bradford, according to showrunner Alexi Hawley.

The fourth season of the ABC series has T.O. Tim Bradford getting the Sergeant promotion he’s so deserved. While one would think it could make things difficult between him and Lucy Chen, it’s only made their relationship grow. Being a Sergeant is also giving fans a chance to see a different side of Bradford, and Alexi Hawley tells TVLine that we’ll be seeing him in a different light later on in the season:

We will meet Tim’s sister, later into the season. That will shed some light on him in an interesting way…

We haven’t heard too much about Bradford’s family, so it will be nice to see what his sister is like and what their relationship is like. When it comes to his backstory, it’s known that he used to be a Marine squad leader before joining the LAPD and his last two relationships weren’t really the best. Seeing how his sister reacts to her brother’s promotion and his new possible relationship will definitely be something to look forward to.

The Rookie has not been shy to show audience the relatives of their favorite characters. We’ve seen Nolan’s brother and son, Lopez and Wes’ parents for the wedding which was entertainment all on its own, and of course Jackson’s dad who is in the LAPD. There’s no telling how long Bradford’s sister will be around but will seemingly add some new layers to Bradford.

Meanwhile, Bradford has been doing well so far as a Sergeant, especially now that Chen is his gopher, or aide, and they can spend even more time together. The two have been getting much closer so it will be interesting to know how Chen will be getting along with Bradford’s sister. Hopefully she isn’t too hard on Chen, or on her brother. Perhaps we’ll get more of his family backstory in the process of meeting his sister?

It’s not confirmed when Bradford’s sister will be showing up but it will be later on in the season. Any time for more Tim Bradford is a plus for me. New episodes of The Rookie air Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. The show recently made some changes for production when it comes to the use of live weapons on set. That will no longer be a practice for The Rookie, but it's safe to say that the show will still find ways to deliver action. Check out CinemaBlend’s 2021 fall TV schedule to see what other shows to watch and stay tuned for more news on The Rookie!

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