The Rookie Is Expanding Bradford’s Family With Two New Characters, And It Could Get Complicated

Eric Winter as Tim Bradford in The Rookie
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News broke earlier in the fall that ABC cop procedural The Rookie will be bringing in Sergeant Tim Bradford’s sister, which will shed some light on him that fans have never seen before. And it turns out that more of Tim’s family is finally coming into the mix, as both his sister and his dad have been cast. Things could get complicated for the newly minted Sergeant.

According to TVLine, The Tomorrow People’s Peyton List has been tapped for the role of Gennifer “Genny” Bradford, Tim’s older sister, who isn't somebody anybody should mess with. She will be introduced in the eighth episode of Season 4, as she makes a surprise appearance in LA to try to convince her baby bro to repair and sell their father’s house. Meanwhile, Dexter star James Remar will portray Tom Bradford and will make his first appearance in the following episode, reuniting the Bradford clan.

Fans don’t know too much about Bradford’s family background, just some bits and pieces that he’s casually mentioned here and there. We’ve seen how Tim can get when he brings up previous relationships, but when it comes to family, he stays a little closed off. It will definitely be something to look forward to, as he’s in a good place at the department and with Chen. Just how this reunion will work out will be interesting to see.

There is no telling how long this storyline will last, or if Genny and Tom are going to pop up every once in a while. Season 4 of The Rookie still has a lot of episodes left so there is definitely some room for the Bradfords to be reunited. But this could deliver some complications for Tim, both personal and professional. Being the baby brother and all, that could be how Genny still sees him and give him a rough time. It will be nice to see more of Tim’s backstory though, since we still don’t know much about him other than his relationship and work background.

Meanwhile, as new characters are added to The Rookie, one is being upped to series regular. It was recently announced, via Deadline, that Jenna Dewan, who has been recurring as John Nolan’s new love interest and neighbor, firefighter Bailey Nune, has been promoted to series regular status. So we’ll likely be seeing a lot more of this love story come to fruition, which is a good thing considering Nolan has been through a lot and he really needs some good news in his life.

Season 4 of The Rookie has been filled to the brim with action, emotions and romance already so to know that Bradford’s dad and sister are going to be arriving soon means that there will be complications on a whole new level. Catch the series on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC!

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