The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Celebrates Filming Start For Daryl Spinoff, And Some Fans Think Andrew Lincoln Is Involved

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While things got pretty hectic for Daryl & Co. during the latest final-season episode of The Walking Dead, fans haven’t had to truly worry about Norman Reedus’ character for months now, considering it’s long been confirmed that the floppy-haired survivor would be crossing an entire ocean for his own standalone sans-Carol spinoff. That series is now kicking off its France-set production in earnest, with the actor himself going public with the news. But is it just a coincidence that this update comes on the heels of TWD vet Andrew Lincoln being spotted in Paris? If so, it’s a whopper. 

Norman Reedus Celebrates Daryl’s Spinoff Kicking Off 

Hours after Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead concluded, Reedus chimed in on Instagram from the other side of the planet, revealing that forward progress is now happening with the latest AMC spinoff to go into production. Check out the actor’s post from his Instagram Stories below:

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With pre-productions efforts presumably having taken place over past weeks and/or months, it looks like Daryl Dixon has now moved beyond the starting line with the cameras starting to roll. It’ll no doubt be a while before fans get any kind of finalized footage to savor, but at least now we know that far-off future isn’t quite as distant as it could be. 

One has to wonder whether Reedus was offering any cryptic clues with his spinoff update by way of using the Jane’s Addiction album Nothing’s Shocking. It was the group’s debut record, which ties into Daryl’s debut season of his own series. And it was also fraught with behind the scenes issues, which could sort of be a sign for Melissa McBride’s exit, although the exit itself was less controversial than the fan backlash that targeted Reedus in the aftermath.

The actor also shared a pic of himself to mark the first day of filming, even if only certain parts of himself made it to the camera. 

One has to assume that Reedus kept the camera pointed downward to avoid giving away any potential spoilers by way of set decoration and whatnot. Which hopefully means there was 100% something in the room with him that couldn’t be shown for that reason. Such as, say, a former co-star whose name rhymes with Sandrool Ninkun, and whose character’s name rhymes with Slick Slimes.

Why Walking Dead Fans Think Rick May Show Up In Daryl Dixon

To be fair, Walking Dead viewers were already hoping for Rick Grimes to pop up in Daryl’s spinoff as soon as it was announced, during the span before the Rick and Michonne spinoff reveal went public. And that was only strengthened whenever Reedus and Andrew Lincoln were seen buddying it up again in Georgia earlier this year. But such hopes and dreams were renewed in the days prior to Reedus’ post, thanks to a French fan sharing a pic he’d taken in Paris with Lincoln, as seen below.

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This version of Andrew Lincoln clearly doesn't resemble the burly-bearded survivor who was last seen blowing up a bridge in The Walking Dead before he was removed from the area via CRM helicopter. Which makes it slightly easier to believe that he was in Paris for reasons that had little to do with AMC spinoffs. But then it's possible, perhaps even likely, that Rick would have been made to shave his beard while a prisoner (or captive or whatever). So for now, the jury is still out on this one, but fans on Twitter aren't exactly shielding their beliefs that the brawling BFFs could reunite in the City of Love. 

But let's not forget that in the comic book canon, Rick Grimes does have a brother named Jeff who was living in Spain after the walker apocalypse began, so there's actually valid reason for the character to be in Europe. Though I'd imagine he'd want to take care of all of his affairs in the States before journeying so far outward. Such becoming a dad again for Judith. 

While waiting to see more from Daryl Dixon and its scruffy lead actor, The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. Head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are popping up soon.

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