Todd Chrisley's Daughter Says She Got Called Out For Being 'One Of Them' In Obnoxious Restaurant Moment

Two Chrisley Knows Best stars have been making headlines for months as their bank fraud case moved through the legal system. Todd and Julie Chrisley were eventually found guilty and then sentenced on multiple charges, and while they are in prison they’ve left behind a wake of custody questions and feelings among their family members. Now, their daughter Lindsie Chrisley has spoken out about the impact the trial has had on her personal life. 

In a new podcast, Lindsie opens up about some of the experiences she has faced since the arrests of her dad Todd and her stepmom Julie. Among these are things like seeing comments online or crude memes made about her dad Todd. However, she also noted one memorably obnoxious encounter she dealt with in person when a loud woman in a restaurant decided to air exactly what she thought about the Chrisley Knows Best stars.

Per Lindsie, she and her son were out at a pizza place and trying to have a good night when she felt her “heart just drop through her butthole” as a woman nearby started sharing her thoughts about the sentencing. She said on the Coffee Convos podcast:

This woman is literally talking about my parents’ sentencing and the importance of paying taxes. I mean she’s being LOUD. And like you can hear literally the entire conversation. So, I’m sitting there, obviously I hear it. My girlfriend hears it. So, she calls her out and she’s like, ‘Could you not?’ I’m sitting there, I make eye contact with her, this woman looks at her husband and is like, ‘Oh, well that’s one of them.’ Talking about me.

Lindsie, who is the daughter of Todd and his ex Teresa Terry, said she ‘hung her head’ and didn’t plan to engage. She wasn’t in the most positive place mentally after Todd and Julie’s sentencing on fraud charges “the day before.” 

So, she kind of gets in this, I wouldn’t say it was like really a spat, but it wasn’t not a spat with my girlfriend and my girlfriend’s like, ‘That would probably be a conversation to have maybe in your home or in your personal car. But in a restaurant and you’re sitting here and you’ve identified that you’re talking about someone whose parents were just sentenced yesterday and they’re sitting here, it’s just rude and completely uncalled for.’ … They kind of went at it for a few minutes. I finally just picked my head up and I said, ‘You know if you please would just save the conversation for somewhere else because I am their child, we’re a real family and this is their grandchild sitting right here.’

Lindsie relived the entire story as she spoke, and went on to say the woman had a change of heart before the end of the night. In fact, she did come over and apologize, but she said incidents like this involving other people’s self-awareness have impacted her greatly over the last few months. She even noted she’s been “guilty” in the past of doing things to others that may lack self-awareness, but “through this I have definitely learned there is a time and a place for everything.” 

This isn’t the first time a Chrisley family member has spoken out about the side effects that come from knowing someone who is a part of a major news story. Savannah Chrisley also previously opened up about feelings related to the verdict and the reactions online and elsewhere about the situation. The Chrisley family's life has changed in recent months, but many of them have been candid about the situation, including Todd and Julie themselves

What Fans Should Learn From The Chrisley Knows Best Situation, According To Lindsie

If there’s one takeaway that fans should absorb from the Chrisley situation, Lindsie said those individuals should keep kindness in mind. Noting that “people are going to post” and “do what they want to do” she also spoke about how she is a real person who hasn’t done anything wrong and who has “real” feelings about what happened. 

I’m heartbroken. I’m navigating this process the best way I know how. As a mother, as a sister, as a daughter and as a friend. At the end of the day, this is a real family and it’s my family. These are real and raw emotions.

Coffee Convos airs several times a month and we’ll be sure to keep you posted if Lindsie gets candid about any additional situations she’s faced in the wake of Todd and Julie heading to prison. In the meantime, the Chrisley Knows Best stars are appealing the sentence.

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