Todd Chrisley Reveals The Major Change He’s Been Able To Make For Himself Since His Fraud Trial ‘Ordeal’

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A federal indictment came down on USA Network’s Todd and Julie Chrisley earlier this year for a dozen counts of fraud. They pled not guilty at the trial in late May, but several bombshell allegations arose nonetheless, including a supposed gay love affair and efforts over the years to swindle banks and the government of what’s estimated to be tens of millions of dollars. The jury ultimately found the couple guilty on all accounts, with sentencing scheduled for October. While on house arrest, Todd has since revealed the major personal change he’s made since the “ordeal.”

The Chrisley Knows Best stars have been able to keep up with their fanbase on their longtime Chrisley Confessions podcast. On the July 13th episode, they continued the tradition of not addressing their legal situation in direct terms, given their ongoing appeals efforts. However, the patriarch did hint that he’s seemingly been able to move past jumping to refute the critics of their innocence and their character in general. He said:

What’s important and what has changed me through this ordeal is that I no longer feel the need to respond to the naysayers, to the people that don’t know, to the people that have no idea what the truth is and give credit to the 95 [percent] that are uplifting and positive. It’s taken me a long time to get to that [point] because when we first started in this business, I wanted to fire back on every person that lied on us or that said something hurtful, or whatever. And now, I don’t feel the need to do that. And I think that’s part of what God has given me is, God has given me that inner peace and he’s given me the full understanding of, ‘No one needs to believe our truth as long as we know our truth.’ As long as God knows and we know, that should be all that matters.

Savannah Chrisley has likewise adopted a similar philosophy on life following her parents’ guilty convictions, which is basically taking the good with the bad and standing in your truth. At first, she claimed to be “grateful” for all their woes because it’s brought the family closer. Yet, when speaking on that new philosophy, she also lamented the public being “insensitive” to their feelings and “uneducated” about the case overall as well. Her dad, Todd, added during the latest podcast episode, though, that they’re persevering as a unit, despite the naysayers:

As a family, we are still united and standing firm in our positions and in our faith. We don't waiver in our faith. Now listen. Are we disappointed? Are we hurt? Yes, but we know that God has a purpose for everything.

The TV personality continued that his marriage to Julie Chrisley – who received two separate counts in the fraud case for wire fraud and obstruction of justice – has actually improved in recent weeks. They noted on the podcast that most couples fold under the pressure of such matters, but their verdicts have drawn them “closer together.” While under house arrest in Georgia, the couple of 26 years were apparently even up to a bit of Amazon Prime and Chill. They say the new movie Redeeming Love, and it’s tale of comeuppance, had them “laying there weeping.”

Christian-based dramas aside, it’s clear that the Chrisleys are endeavoring to stay positive. Still, this might prove more difficult in the coming months because if their appeals fail, they face upwards of 30 years in prison for their alleged crimes. And if that’s the end result, the matter of custody for the Chrisleys' younger kids at home could become an issue.

Chrisley Knows Best Season 9 is airing on Thursdays on the USA Network as part of the 2022 TV schedule. So far from what we’ve seen, which technically predates the indictment and trial, they are still appear to be as happy as ever in the new season, at this point.

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