Todd And Julie Chrisley Trial Jury Finds Them Guilty Of Bank Fraud And More

Todd Chrisley in Chrisley Knows Best
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As USA Network has been gearing up for Season 9 of the reality series Chrisley Knows Best, which only just premiered its first trailer, its main stars Todd and Julie Chrisley have been caught up in a major court case over charges of bank fraud and more. Exactly three weeks after the trial first began in Atlanta, the jury has reached its verdict, and both the husband and wife were found guilty of both bank fraud and tax evasion, among other related crimes. 

According to TMZ, both Todd and Julie Chrisley were found guilty for a "laundry list" of charges, some of which have been spoken about by their former employee Mark Braddock. What's more, their accountant Peter Tarantino was also reportedly found guilty on several related charges. Some of those charges include aiding and abetting the filing of false tax returns. 

It doesn't appear as if the Chrisley family enjoyed the news, understandably, and one can only imagine how daughter Lindsie reacted, given her outbursts on the stand.   Todd Chrisley's lawyer had this to say: 

We are disappointed in the verdict. We plan an appeal.

Currently, no sentencing dates have been set for either Todd or Julie Chrisley, with that scheduling yet to be figured out. They're both free on bond at the moment, and will remain on house arrest until further notice.

The charges at the center of the trial tie back to the Chrisley's being indicted in August 2019 over tax evasion charges. It was alleged at the time that Todd and Julie submitted falsified documents to banks when applying for loans, and that the latter turned in a fake credit report and false bank statements while trying to rent a house that they were later accused of refusing to pay the rent for. 

As well, it was reported that the husband and wife utilized the film production company they ran as a way to keep some of their income hidden from the IRS as to avoid the government trying to collect Todd Chrisley's unpaid taxes.

It seemed strange that, in the midst of the trial happening in Georgia, USA Network decided to release the first trailer for the new season of Chrisley Knows Best, which was filmed ahead of their most recent legal issues, without any clue about how things would turn out. That trailer can be watched below, though it does stand to reason that the network will have to figure out a new plan for releasing the episodes to the public.

As it stands, Chrisley Knows Best is still set to debut Season 9 on USA Network on Thursday, June 23, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Past seasons, as well as those of certain spinoffs, are available to watch with a Peacock subscription.

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