Transplant: Bash Leads A 'Hunting Party' In The Hospital In Fun New Episode Clip

Transplant is on the verge of returning to NBC on a new night, after more than a month of a break since the last episode back in April. The stakes for Bash and the rest at York Memorial have been high all season long, but a hunt that takes place in the next new episode – called "Scars" – proves that their jobs can sometimes take a lighthearted turn as well. In a fun new episode clip (seen above), Bash has to try and capture a bird with the dubious help of a growing "hunting party" in the hospital. Take a look!

Bash has faced and tackled plenty of challenges before and during his time at York Memorial, as have his fellow physicians, but this clip raises the question: how many doctors does it take to catch one bird? He seemed like he had the animal captured in a pillowcase at first, but apparently saying "Try not to move" doesn't actually work on birds. Who knew?

He's a talented doctor, but we evidently can't add "bird whisperer" to his resume! By the end of the clip, June and Theo have joined what June dubbed the "hunting party," along with others. Theo is heard suggesting that they "need something to coax him down," which probably suggests that he won't be earning the title of "bird whisperer" either. He did come out and admit that they're basically on the chase for their own amusement. Dr. Singh didn’t seem too amused that chief resident June was having fun with some hijinks, and Bishop wasn’t laughing either. 

What possibly makes the scene even funnier is that while Bash's fruitless attempt to get the bird kept picking up other doctors, Mags was multitasking like a boss by giving directions to Arnold while talking Jake through drawing blood... while he practiced on her arm. Honestly, maybe they would have caught the bird if they brought her in earlier – Mags seemed to be on a roll! Theo did seem to catch the moment of Jake and Mags holding hands, so it should be interesting to see if that comes back.

Of course, this being Transplant, fans shouldn't go into "Scars" expecting an hour of bird-chasing shenanigans. According to the episode description from NBC, the story is going to get heavy for Bash, who has already had his share of weighty storylines in Season 2 thanks to the questions of Bishop's future at York and Rania's return to his life. The description reads:

Bash’s past weighs heavily on him as he fights for an emancipated teenager with a failing kidney. Mags treats a baby with a complicated heart condition. Theo is surprised by a young asthma patient’s brazen mother. After a patient’s parent makes waves, Bishop advises Bash to play it safe.

See the full story of "Scars" – and whether or not Bash and Co. ever catch that bird – on Saturday, May 28 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. This marks Transplant's switch to a new time slot, after airing the earlier episodes of Season 2 on Sundays at 10 p.m., so be sure to update your viewing schedules for Saturday nights!

Transplant is also still running in the spring after some of TV's other medical dramas – including NBC's Chicago Med and its major cliffhanger – have already wrapped for the season, so now is the time to tune in. If you need to catch up or just want to revisit earlier episodes, you can find the full second season so far streaming with a Peacock subscription.

Laura Hurley
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