What Chicago Med Needs To Do Differently After The Intense Season 7 Finale Cliffhanger

Guy Lockard as Dylan Scott on Chicago Med
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Spoilers ahead for the Season 7 finale of Chicago Med, called “And Now We Come to the End.”

Chicago Med Season 7 has officially come to an end, and the finale was a thrillride of an episode in true One Chicago style. Although there were mini cliffhangers like Pamela having to deal with Crockett’s decision that may have ruined her future as a surgeon, and Dr. Archer placing a call to his kid (and explaining why Steven Weber described the finale as “moving”) .But the cliffhanger that will leave fans on the edges of their seats for the next few months involved Will, Dylan, and a fire blazing enough that even the heroes of Chicago Fire might be intimidated. And I already have ideas of what Med needs to do differently for next season's premiere this time. 

How The Cliffhanger Ended Season 7

The cliffhanger went down at Will’s apartment building, and fans probably should have expected that there was more drama to come beyond Will and Hannah flirting about sharing some noodles. He was also hiding Jo while she was in danger after her undercover operation, with Dylan – in theory – as the only other person who knew her location. Then, everything went wrong when the smoke alarm went off – and the Fire heroes would approve of that much – and a man showed up at her door with a gun, primed to pull the trigger. He couldn’t get a shot off before Dylan lunged at him, and in the scuffle, Dylan shot him in the chest. 

And even that would have made for a pretty solid cliffhanger, but the story wasn’t over. Jo has seemingly been shot as well, but she was heading off to escape down the back stairs while Dylan was determined to try and save the man’s life. Will came rushing back up after hearing the shot, and started helping him carry the man out. Unfortunately, both the front and back stairwells were engulfed in flames by that point, with the doctors starting to choke on the smoke and Jo possibly bleeding out somewhere. 

Well, at least it seems that Hannah got out of the building just fine? It’s not clear at this point what started the fire, so it’s hard to say how Dylan and Will will (hopefully) be able to get out. My first thought was that somebody on the side of Jo’s attempted killer started the fire to burn down the building and hide the evidence of her death, but that would be a premature move when the would-be assassin hadn’t actually left yet! 

What Chicago Med Needs To Do Differently For The Season 8 Premiere

Over the last couple of years, Chicago Med started the new seasons with a time jump. Admittedly, the one between Seasons 5 and 6 was kind of necessary due to COVID, and the one between Seasons 6 and 7 was pretty minor, as it picked up with Natalie leaving and Will still trying to get his job back. Still, the big thing that I’d say that Med needs to do differently is skip the time jump this time around and pick up exactly where “And Now We Come to the End” left off.

I’m actually optimistic that that will happen, because it’s hard to imagine that Med set up an ending so intense on so many fronts just to skip ahead a few weeks or months when the action picks back up ahead in the fall. That’s not to say that there won’t eventually be a time jump, but it would be a waste of a fantastic cliffhanger to not show how it’s resolved – for better or worse – on screen in the fall. 

In a perfect world, I’d also love for this ending to build up to some appearances from Chicago Fire and/or Chicago P.D. characters considering that the episode concluded on both an inferno and a crime, but a lot depends on how Fire and P.D. end their own seasons. If those finales also end on cliffhangers that will need resolution ASAP in the fall, then the characters may not be free to drop by Med and save the day. Fire at least seems bound to end with plenty of unanswered questions

Fortunately, all three One Chicago series have already been renewed for the 2022-2023 seasons, so fans will definitely get to see the aftermath of the Chicago Med Season 7 finale in some form or other in a matter of months on NBC. In the meantime, fans can always revisit earlier days of the series streaming with a Peacock subscription and find some new viewing options on our 2022 TV premiere schedule.

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