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Transplant's June Is Already In 'The Deep End' After Getting Big News In New Episode Clip

Transplant will soon return to NBC after taking a week off from new Season 2 episodes, and the March 27 installment will feature more than just medical crises for the team of doctors at York Memorial to tackle. Called "Sever," the episode will also deliver some very big news, and an exclusive clip (seen above) reveals how June's career is about to go through a big change... and she's already in "the deep end," according to Dr. Singh!

In the clip, June rather unceremoniously gets the news that she has been promoted to chief resident, and she already has a slew of new responsibilities to handle. She did put her name in the running for the job, and has more than enough talent and perseverance to handle the duties when they get tough, even after accidentally ruffling some feathers in the previous episode. 

Even though the sneak peek at the March 27 episode ends with June smiling at getting her well-earned promotion to chief resident, Dr. Singh wasted no time in listing her formidable new tasks, which include running the board, leading rounds, making assignments, and taking responsibility even for patient cases that she's not directly covering. 

Plus, he didn't mince words when he told her that it wasn't a unanimous decision that she got the job, but her surgical record stands for itself. Throw in the doctors who aren't going to be happy about not getting the job and her first review coming in just a few months, and I think it's safe to say that Singh was right about June being in the deep end. But if anybody can rise to the challenge, it has to be June at this point. 

And "Sever" is going to be a pretty packed episode for everybody, based on the description! It reveals that Mags will continue to struggle under Dr. Novak's leadership (which star Hamza Haq previously spoke to CinemaBlend about), while the fallout from the end of Season 1 presumably continues for Dr. Bishop due to his actions. Bash's flashbacks (seemingly triggered by the arrival of Rania) will evidently be serious enough to push him to open up about them to his therapist, all while the episode features a case of a figure skating duo who had an accident while on the ice. 

It's probably safe to say that Theo hasn't magically come up with the perfect solution for his commuting problems to spend more time in person with his wife and children. At least we can already say for sure that June will get some good news. Whether that remains good news remains to be seen! 

See what happens next with the new episode of Transplant on Sunday, March 27 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC in the 2022 TV schedule. To revisit past episodes, you can find the full first season as well as Season 2 so far with a Hulu subscription, and the first two episodes of Season 2 streaming on Peacock

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