Watch Family Feud's Steve Harvey 'Thank The Lord' And Mimic Sex Moves After Contestant's Fun Answer

Steve Harvey big smile on Family Feud
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When a Family Feud contestant can inspire a surprised laugh and interesting reaction from Steve Harvey, it’s a game show badge of honor. But when someone can cause the styling and profiling host to throw down his question cards, thank the Lord, and then engage in a hilariously overlong display of silent sex miming, complete with a faux orgasm? Well, that person deserves a seat at the table of legendary game show contestants such as Jeopardy!’s biggest earners, and hopefully that’s what happened after just such a ridiculous moment went down during a recent episode. My man Chris may not have won millions of dollars, but his efforts transcended such worldly measurements. 

Upon watching the clip below, you might expect to hear the family-heading contestant Chris say something completely R-rated or outlandish in order to spark such a physical reaction from Steve Harvey, but that’s not even the case. Check out the clip below, and skip to the 2-minute mark if you want to get straight to goods.

The survey question, for those who weren’t able to watch, was “Name a way a woman is like a roller coaster ride.” And after some good and bad early answers from both families — “She’s up and down,” being a good one, and the completely vague “Nookie, Steve,” being a bad one — the Pittard family had a last shot to steal the board and win the game. And the family patriarch Chris offered up the game-winning answer by saying: 

Steve, she makes you scream.

And that was all she wrote for Harvey, who was immediately amused, perhaps in part by the all-out sincerity on display with his answer. In his mind, he probably thought he was saying the most practical answer possible, and he was right in that respect, seeing as how the Pittards stole the points and went on to play Fast Money. But the true victory here came (pun intended) when the esteemed Family Feud host completely let loose with his support for Chris’ guess. 

Harvey kicked off his sex-mimicking one man show after sharing the following sentiment: 

If you ain’t ever had one make you scream, you got to try it sometime!

Then the fireworks truly started when Harvey started gyrating and pumping those hips. It started off with a somewhat deadpan approach, but as everyone in the studio started going bananas with laughter, he upped the performance ante. (Those polished AF shoes brought their own flavor to it.) And then, as it goes, the sex-miming capped off with the stand-up comedian’s exaggerated O-face, which can be experienced here in perpetuity.

Note that this is on the opposite end of the reaction spectrum from that time a Family Feud contestant’s guess hinged on the notion that men should be neutered like dogs. Steve Harvey might never stop silently screaming over that one.

Because one good laugh deserves another, check out Steve Harvey instantly cracking up over an answer about bad Santa Claus behavior from comedian Moshe Kasher. 

Family Feud airs weekdays in syndication, while Celebrity Family Feud airs Sunday nights on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET, with the next episode pitting NFLPA players against their moms, and the Holey Moley team against Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows will add roller coaster thrills to the small screen soon.

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