The Masked Singer Fans Are Shocked By The Latest Elimination Before The Finale

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The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer's Final 6 Semi-Finals. Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer's Final 6 was a wild night, as the two-hour episode saw the contestants dwindle down all the way to the Final 3 that will compete in the finale. Unfortunately, the night was not without controversy, and due to a weird face-off round, one favorite in the competition was sent home when some believed she could've won the whole competition.

Seahorse was eliminated after a face-off with Crocodile. The judges were shocked that Seahorse, who was arguably the superior singer to Crocodile, lost out on the round, but the voting audience had spoken. Unfortunately, their thoughts did not match those of many in the online community who couldn't believe that freaky half-digital crowd sent home Grammy-winner Tori Kelly before the finale.

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The Masked Singer Twitter-verse can't believe Tori Kelly was sent home. Not only did the two-time Grammy-winning gospel singer put on a phenomenal performance all season long, but she was up against Crocodile. That's not to say Crocodile is a terrible singer, but when the two are compared, even judge Robin Thicke believes there's no comparison.

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The general consensus seems to be that Tori Kelly was robbed by being eliminated ahead of the finale, and now The Masked Singer Season 4 ender could be a rather boring affair. With Tori Kelly out of the competition as Seahorse, her elimination may have just cleared a path for another contestant to run away with the Season 4 trophy.

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For me, it's unfair, it's egregious, and it's something that isn't entirely new to The Masked Singer. This show has had some questionable eliminations every season, and it all goes back to the voting. There's some weird energy happening in that room apparently because the audience has cast some real questionable votes over the past few seasons.

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Tori Kelly is not the first controversial elimination of The Masked Singer, and I'm willing to bet a solid chunk of change that she certainly won't be the last. The Masked Singer is many things, but one thing it is rarely accused of is being a straight-up singing competition where the best of the best always go on through. Hell, that rarely happens even on much more competitive singing shows, so why should anything different be expected here?

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She may have lost The Masked Singer, but clearly, Tori Kelly has no shortage of fans after her run on the show. She'll hopefully continue to have a successful career after this, and may have even gotten a few more fans from her stunning weeks as the Seahorse. Plus, with this surprise elimination, who's to say another surprise may not happen when Mushroom, Sun, and Crocodile compete in the finale?

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