Will When Calls The Heart Be Renewed For Season 10 Or Cancelled? Producer Makes Cryptic Statement About Hallmark Show

Season 9 cast of When Calls The Heart
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There have been some changes over at Hallmark recently, with cast members defecting to GAC Family and long-time programs like Home & Family and Chesapeake Shores getting canceled (not to mention the Kitten Bowl).  When it comes to longtime family program When Calls The Heart, news on renewal or cancellation for Season 10 hasn’t come down the pipeline yet, but executive producer Brian Bird certainly has some cryptic thoughts on that front. 

Speaking out about When Calls The Heart’s prospects, Brian Bird does not seem to know which direction the wind at Hallmark is blowing. However, he did say to JLJ Media that whether or not the cable network wants to keep WCTH on the air for Season 10, he’s very confident the show will go on and will not be ending. 

We don’t see the end of this show. I don’t know when Season 10 or if Season 10 will be announced 100%, but all I’m saying is that we still feel like we’re going to go forward. And we will no matter what, I can say that… We know [that the show has places to go]; we believe that. We haven’t decided that it’s over yet, and we get to decide, so that, in my opinion, I’ll leave it at that.

So, he seems to sort of be implying that perhaps the show could be canceled, but if it is, it may not matter? After the 12-episode season ended on what Brad Bird called “a celebration,” he also mentioned that he’s enjoyed the show “branching out” and having “a bigger tent” in Season 9. His comments were a little cagey, but he also got more specific that the end may not be nigh even if the show is cancelled, as there are plenty of places that When Calls the Heart could go. 

I really don’t believe we’ve even peaked yet with this show with Season 9. We will be around for a long time, I believe. Whether or not, you know, the Hallmark Channel wants to keep us around forever doesn’t matter. There will be somebody else who wants it because it is so unique. And we will keep making the show as long as those Hearties want to show up and watch the show.

So, what does all this mean? While When Calls The Heart has been on for a long time now, it does have a built in fanbase. Plus, Bird’s confidence in the show continuing on no matter what Hallmark decides is an interesting wrinkle. The reason this is pretty important is that Hallmark has shown a penchant for canceling its original series recently, but from what Brian Bird is saying, even if Hallmark is not interested in more from the Hope Valley gang, he’s not worried. 

This may go back to that whole GAC Family thing I mentioned earlier. Brian Bird seems confident there are plenty of places the show could go. I’m really honing in on this because previously, GAC Family picked up the When Calls The Heart spinoff When Hope Calls and it now airs on the sister network. Characters from Hope Valley have actually appeared on the show, including Lori Loughlin, who found a home there after Hallmark let her go from the original series

One thing When Calls The Heart won’t be doing again if it does get renewed? A love triangle will definitely not be in the cards after the whole Elizabeth-Lucas-Nathan storyline that culminated at the end of Season 8. He straight up noted,“we can’t milk that ever again.” The show did leave plenty unresolved between – and spoilers here!— Bill getting his affairs in order and Henry still dealing with troubles after his redemption arc.  Wherever When Calls The Heart Season 10 lands Bird says the show will always end with “unfinished business in Hope Valley” so hopefully it can continue for years and years to come.

We hope that everybody sees that there’s unfinished business in Hope Valley and we didn’t tie up everything in this episode, right? Because we have no intention of riding off into the sunset ourselves with this show. We will never end the show unless we decide we’re going to end the show right? We will always have cliffhangers and storylines that need to be fixed.

We’ll keep you updated regarding what Hallmark ultimately decides for When Calls The Heart Season 10 and what that could mean for the veteran series overall. 

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