William Shatner Shares Honest Feelings About His Upcoming Trip To Space

William Shatner
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Beloved actor William Shatner is known for playing Captain Kirk in the OG Star Trek TV series and films but, now, the star heading to outer space, for real. At 90 years old, the iconic performer is set to be the oldest person launched into the stars, which is a pretty big deal. But how does the on-screen space adventurer actually feel about the trip? Well, he's now shared his honest feelings on the matter.

William Shatner participated in a panel at New York Comic Con (via People) and talked about his future journey into the cosmos. The voyage will be on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, which the Amazon CEO launched into space over the summer. In terms of the trip, Shatner did not sugarcoat his feelings. He seemed to play off any reservations, yet he does seem a bit anxious, at the very least:

I'm terrified. I'm Captain Kirk, and I'm terrified going to space. You know, I'm not really terrified. Yes I am. It comes and goes like a summer cold.

Sure, he’s played the captain of a space crew but, still, who wouldn’t be anxious about going into space? The experience and the launch will reportedly be documented, so maybe the actor will try to play off his nerves while being filmed? But if anything, it's great that he's managing to keep his signature sense of humor when thinking about the trip. I mean, it rarely hurts to laugh when such a major event is on the horizon.

Following the announcement of William Shatner’s voyage, Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter shared a sweet exchange with the Star Trek vet. Carter jokingly hoped she could figure out how to get an invisible plane, and Shatner had no doubts she’d be able to do it. It would honestly be nice if the superhero icon could also find her way to space one day. And given her vivacious nature, I'm sure she'd be up for it.

If all goes according to plan, the launch will now take place on October 13, having been delayed from its original October 12 launch due to weather conditions. Not many people can say that they’ve gone into space, at 90 no less, so it will be interesting to see what William Shatner thinks of it. The flight is set to lift off from Launch Site One in West Texas, and it’s only expected to last about 15 minutes. His experience could serve as a gauge in terms of the way other stars approach space travel in the future. Tom Cruise is aiming to make a movie in space, so maybe Shatner can give him a few pointers from his experience.

Blue Origin’s VP of Mission and Flight Operations and crew members Chris Boshuizen and Glen de Vries will join William Shatner on the flight. This launch will definitely be one to remember and, hopefully, any worries the star might have will dissipate once he takes in the view. We here at CinemaBlend wish him a safe trip!

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