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William Shatner And Wonder Woman's Lynda Carter Share Adorable Exchange Over Star Trek Vet's Trip To Space

lynda carter side by side william shatner
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William Shatner immortalized himself in pop culture thanks to his role as Star Trek’s original leading man James T. Kirk, portraying the character through decades of exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and civilizations, and boldly going where no man had gone before. While Shatner may not be interacting with any alien civilizations any time soon, the 90-year-old actor is heading to space in real life, and fellow pop culture legend Lynda Carter started an adorable exchange about the big news. Who knew James Kirk and Wonder Woman trading comments could be so much fun?

William Shatner hit Twitter to celebrate the news that he’s heading to space to become a real-life “rocket man” as the oldest person ever launched into space, and Lynda Carter had some encouraging words for the Star Trek vet to start off their social media exchange. The former Wonder Woman’s wonderful message was:

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Not only did Lynda Carter share some congratulations with William Shatner, but made a shout out to her own iconic character by mentioning “an invisible plane.” Wonder Woman’s invisible jet debuted on the pages of DC Comics going all the way back to the 1940s, appeared (insofar as invisible plans can appear) in Carter’s Wonder Woman, and even got a mention during one of Carter’s Supergirl appearances before finally debuting on the big screen with Wonder Woman 1984. James Kirk had the Enterprise, and Diana has her invisible jet!

And William Shatner picked up Lynda Carter’s commentary about the invisible plane, complete with an emoji and a thumbs-up. In fact, he wasted no time doing it. In a tweet posted just two minutes after Carter conveyed her congratulations, Shatner responded: 

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Lynda Carter, who is 70 years old, may not be heading to space with William Shatner, but I’m ready for some kind of project that features both of them. That’s not to say that there’s any potential project that will feature them reprising their iconic roles, although Carter did make an appearance in Wonder Woman 1984. Plus, Shatner was swimming with the sharks for the most recent round of Shark Week on Discovery. It’s hard to rule out much of anything when it comes to these stars! 

While the prospect of an actual invisible jet the likes of which Wonder Woman used to travel the world (as opposed to simple stealth) may seem pretty far-fetched at this point, who knows? Maybe William Shatner is correct and such a plane is in Lynda Carter’s future. After all, who could have guessed even a year or two ago that Shatner could be scheduled for a trip into space at the age of 90? 

Hopefully all goes well with Shatner’s space journey and he has as good of a time as he’s hoping for. He clearly has Lynda Carter’s well wishes, and he likely won’t be the last celebrity to sign up for space travel now that such a thing is becoming a possibility in real life, as opposed to just on screen. 

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