Disneyland Parkgoer Goes Viral For Basically Being A Disney Villain And Scamming Lightning Lane Passes, Some Fans Are Less Amused

Social media can be a really fun place to hang out if you’re a theme park fan. You can find people who are just as passionate about the same form of entertainment and have fun and spirited conversations about your favorite parks or favorite rides. However, social media can also be a place where you get put on blast if you’re going to be a dick, especially to theme park employees.

That’s what happened to one likely unsuspecting Disneyland guest on TikTok when he posted about the fact that he had been able to use the Lightning Lane on eight different attractions without actually having the appropriate pass by just straight up lying to the Cast Members. He knows he’s being an ass, he even adds villainous background audio to drive home the point. 


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Apparently, this guy was just claiming that, while he had a Lightning Lane return time, his phone wasn’t loading it properly, and the Cast Member was letting him through. It’s unfortunately probably not unheard of for that to happen. The Disneyland and Disney World apps, as vital as they have become to the experience in the parks, have their share of issues.

This is up there with other fantastic Disney Parks "hacks" that people have come up with, like intentionally getting hit with a dress code violation in order to get a free shirt. Luckily, that little trick appears to be less successful at Disney World today, which means hopefully people will stop doing it. People are sure to try this move too, which is only frustrating because eventually means that people having legit device issues that are no fault of their own will get screwed. 

Generally speaking, taking advantage of Cast Members at Disneyland or Walt Disney World doesn’t go over well with people that love those places. We all know how hard these people work, and how little they get paid, so the least we can all do is be nice to them. As it happens, a lot of Cast Members chime in down in the comments of the video to say that they likely all knew what this guy was really doing, but generally speaking it’s easier to let him get away with it than it is to have the fight.

But even so, a lot of other people in the comments take this guy to task for this just because it’s not a nice thing to do. In the end, being dishonest to Cast Members isn’t cool;, but as another TikTok video points out, doing this can have an actual impact on those with valid Lightning Lane return times, as well as guests with disabilities who also use the Lightning Lane. 


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It’s understandable that, with Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes now costing money, when FastPass did not before, it can be frustrating to have to shell out that extra cash. Especially now that Genie+ is even more expensive than it was when this guy pulled this move. Still, can it would be nice if we could all be decent enough to just follow the rules.  

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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