Viral Disney World TikTok Shows Guest Lying About Their Birthday And Getting An A+ Response From A Cast Member

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Cast Members at Walt Disney World are there to help the guests and quite often they will go above and beyond in order to make the guests' experience as magical as possible. However, you should never try to abuse a Disney World Cast Member and get more from them than is appropriate, because they will. when necessary, put you in your place.

One recent guest discovered this when they visited Whispering Canyon at Disney World. The dining location found at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is advertised as having “good eatin’ served with attitude” and they learned that the hard way when they told their server they were celebrating their birthday, but then the server learned the birthday in question was an entire week earlier. The response to this news has gone viral on TikTok. No free dessert for you buddy.


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Everybody you see here looks to be having a blast, despite being denied the free birthday cupcake, but if you’ve ever been to Whispering Canyon, you’ll understand why. The Cast Members there messing with you, in a good natured way of course, is not only well known, at this point it’s expected. If your waiter doesn’t mess with you a little bit while you’re there, you’d likely feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth. 

The eating of the cupcake bit is one we’ve seen at Whispering Canyon before. It’s even possible these guests asked for the free birthday cupcake specifically because they knew what would happen. Try asking for a bottle of ketchup while you’re there and you can also predict the response.

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Lots of people go to Disney World or Disneyland to celebrate their birthday, but of course we can’t always be there on our actual birthdate. Some restaurants might allow you something of a grace period when it comes to free desserts or other special things they do, but apparently Whispering Canyon is not one of those places. 

But going to a Disney Park for your birthday can still be a lot of fun. If you get one of the button’s that says it's your birthday, basically every cast member who walks past you will wish you a happy birthday, which can be weird at first but ends up being really nice. I’ve been to Disneyland on my birthday and I once got a table at Disneyland’s Blue Bayou without a reservation because a Cast Member wanted to make sure I had a special birthday, and it was my actual birthday, so even Whispering Canyon would have given me a cupcake. 

At the same time, getting denied the cupcake is probably a lot more fun. Unless it happens to be a really delicious cupcake. Has anybody actually gotten to eat one, or do we need to ask the Cast Members what they really taste like?

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