Flavor Flav Rapping At Disney World Is Incredible And Bizarre And I Can't Look Away

Flavor Flav on The Wendy Williams Show
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Usually, when you find a celebrity at Walt Disney World it’s inside of one of the attractions. You’ll find several actors from the Star Wars movies reprise their roles inside Star Tours or Rise of the Resistance. Sometimes, however, you’ll find celebrities enjoying the parks just like everybody else. Except for Flavor Flav, because literally nobody can enjoy Disney World quite like him. He recently made the trip to the most magical place on earth and it’s absolutely incredible

These days the founding member of Public Enemy is known for mostly just shouting “Yeah, boyeeeeee” and wearing massive clocks around his neck wherever he happens to be. However, in a post on Instagram, the place he happened to be was Walt Disney World, standing next to Mickey and Minnie Mouse. It is quite possibly the most incredible thing you will see today.

I don’t quite know why I find this mesmerizing. This is actually pretty wholesome and nice, but it’s also a bit awkward. Mickey and Minnie clearly have no idea what to do here. They sort of start to try and dance as Flavor Flav raps, but it doesn’t really work. The rap itself is fine, but it’s not exactly the greatest work in the history of freestyle rap. Still, it gets the job done, and despite the fact that the video isn't edited very well, it should probably start a couple seconds later and end a few seconds earlier, the guy is clearly having a blast. 

If you grew up in the era of Public Enemy, then seeing Flavor Flav being a big goofball at Disney World is perhaps the last thing in the world you ever thought you’d see. Flav has been a bit more lighthearted in recent years, doing his share of reality shows and  At the same time, lots of people want to get their picture taken with Mickey and Minnie when they go to Walt Disney World, and why should Flavor Flav be any different? The guy is clearly having some fun here, and that’s sweet. This sort of innocent fun is exactly what Disney World is here for.

Flav didn’t stop with just Mickey and Minnie, he also hung out with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, when he was at Disney World last week which is equally bizarre, and equally wonderful. Flav says he’s just a big kid, and he certainly shows that here.

I don’t know. I think all other celebrities going to Walt Disney World are going to need to up their game a little bit. Flavor Flav just set a high bar for enjoying Disney World. If you can't start rapping next to a couple of underpaid Disney World Cast Members and look like there's nothing in the world that you'd rather be doing, you're just not going hard enough.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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