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Can You Spot Channing Tatum In Disguise On Disney's Tower Of Terror?

Celebrities will go to great lengths to remain hidden from the public eye, and the new trend seems to be going completely incognito while surrounded by hordes of thousands of potential fans. Take Channing Tatum, for example. The 22 Jump Street and Magic Mike star wanted to have fun riding the attractions at Disneyland in California, but he couldn't do so without attracting all his fans. So, he decided to ride them looking like this...

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Yup, that's Tatum in the bottom left corner trying to conceal his identity underneath a Santa suit and beard. It's a travesty when celebrities can't even enjoy places like theme parks for fear of being accosted by the hordes of thousands of fans. (#CelebrityProblems.) Unfortunately, he was recognized, but only by a few. As pointed out by Moviepilot, park-goer Megan Reynosa posted the above snapshot of Mr. Magic Mike riding the Tower of Tower. As he soon realized, however, it's easier to maintain your disguise when you're not plummeting towards the ground at an insanely high speed.

Elsewhere in the park, Alysha Thompson (who goes by @athomp129 on Twitter) tweeted a snapshot of Tatum prepping for the California Screamin'. We would've loved to have seen his aviator glasses and fake beard in action mid-ride.

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Tatum follows the rich tradition of undercover celebrities trying to be just like everyone else. Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, dressed up in head-to-toe spandex as Spider-Man while walking the floor of San Diego Comic-Con. But none was better than Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, who wore a Bryan Cranston mask to throw the fans off his trail. And it worked out beautifully.

Channing Tatum may be hot stuff now, but he's right to get in all his theme park time now. Everyone already wants to throw dollar bills at his glistening abs, but as soon as he enters the superhero movie universe as Gambit, there'll be no hiding. Not in a comic book store, not at Comic-Con, not anywhere. If only he had millions of dollars to rent out theme parks to fulfill his inner child's needs. Nevertheless, he'll probably be contracted to appear in so many X-Men movies that he won't even have the time to himself anymore.