John Stamos Reflects On Final Day He Spent With Bob Saget At Disneyland

Bob Saget and John Stamos
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John Stamos hit up D23 this weekend to talk about the return of his Disney+ show Big Shot (back on October 12th). After he got out all the pertinent details, alongside David E Kelley, Dean Lorey and Brad Garrett, however, he changed course and reflected on the passing of his longtime friend Bob Saget, who died back in January. Apparently the two went to Disneyland together before he died, and the memory is something he still cherishes.

Speaking to the live crowd, Stamos showed pictures of the two hanging out and talked about how ‘bombastic’ his longtime Full House co-star was with his love. Here’s a portion of his quote, per Deadline

I don’t remember what rides we went on, I don’t remember what we ate, I do remember the feelings we felt. We felt the unspoken love that happens between grown men dressed in pajamas. Winnie the Pooh said every day I spend with you is my favorite day. Every day I spent with Bob was my favorite day, especially that day at Disneyland. Being able to share this memory with you here today is my new favorite memory. Bob never left anything on the table. He was bombastic with his love.

Bob Saget unexpectedly passed away inside a hotel room back in January at the age of 65 from a head injury that was likely the result of a fall. His shocking death generated an outpouring of emotion from both fans and other celebrities who knew him in real life. Because of his time on Full House, America’s Funniest Home Videos and How I Met Your Mother, as well as his years as a particularly raunchy touring comedian, he was able to make connections with a wide network of famous people, as well as viewers at home with a wide range of interests and preferences.

John Stamos went on to tell the crowd to “be present” with their loved ones and to take the Disney magic and try to keep it in their everyday lives because there is “such goodness possible.” The moment was very well received by those in attendance, and it clearly meant a lot to Stamos, who was very close to Saget. In addition to their time as co-stars, the two were photographed hanging out often, and Stamos even served as as the Roast Master at the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget back in 2008. One of the stars of that Roast, by the way, was Norm Macdonald, who told exclusively G-rated jokes. After his passing last year, Saget talked about what happened at the Roast and how emotional he was to lose his friend. It's heartbreaking to think they're both now gone.

In addition to his work on Big Shot, which earned pretty strong reviews when it premiered back in 2021, Stamos also voices Tony Stark in the Marvel kids show Spidey And His Amazing Friends. He’s also recently appeared in other Disney projects like Muppets Haunted Mansion and Mickey Mouse Funhouse

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