Ranking All 6 Classic Songs Used In Epcot's New Guardians Of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Rollercoaster

Footage from ride cam on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind 2022
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Epcot is in the middle of a slew of longterm updates and changes, and I recently attended a 50th Anniversary celebration at Walt Disney World that also included an opportunity to be one of the first critics to try the new Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster in the park, Cosmic Rewind. One of the coolest aspects of the ride is that it’s slightly different every time you go on it. Like most coasters, sitting in the back offers a different ride than sitting upfront, but the new GOTG coaster also separates itself out with a mixtape of six songs that change every ride. 

Given what we know about Peter Quill and his eighties earthling background, it make sense that the songs on the coaster throw back to a mixtape only the Guardian could have made. I had the opportunity to ride the coaster myriad times until I was finally able to check out each and every song for you and rank them accordingly. 

Now, before you read my picks I do have a caveat: I was in this ride queue many times and met many people. I also spoke with cast members about their favorite songs during my runs on my ride. I will say: every single song on this list (but one) had at least one person that vouched for it as their favorite. So, I honestly think the Imagineers who combed through 100 songs in order to make this playlist did a most awesome job. Still, this list is how the songs stuck out to me while riding. 

6. “Conga!” By Gloria Estefan

The “Conga!” experience on Cosmic Rewind had by far the most polarizing reaction of any of the other songs. I only got it while riding once, and I did not care for it. A cast member admitted to me it was her least favorite track, too. However, two social media journalists who were big fans of the song prior to riding said “Conga!” was their favorite experience that they’d gotten at that point in their riding journey. So, l’m guessing some people might have this track way higher on their own list. Keep that in mind.

5. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” By Tears For Fears

If the thought of going on a reverse launch coaster really stresses you out before riding, you certainly couldn’t do better than “Everybody Wants to Rule The World.” The vibe with this song is a lot more relaxing than the other tracks and it certainly provides an excellent change-up experience. If you know about the "Secret Playlist" and the "Rainbow Connection" addition to a fellow coaster over at Universal Orlando, I would say the ride experience is similar to Tear For Fears on Cosmic Rewind. If you have no idea what I'm referring to, this song was nice enough as an occasional get, but I wouldn't want to ride to this song all the time. 

4. “One Way Or Another” By Blondie

To be honest with you, I was waffling back and forth myself in this ranking between putting Blondie in fourth or the Earth, Wind and Fire track in the same slot. Blondie’s obviously the more amped up and aggressive song, and “September” is a bit breezier, and makes for a nice ride. I ended up going Blondie in fourth simply because while I kind of enjoyed the vibe, other people seemed to find the Blondie song a little aggressive on the ride, and again, maybe it wouldn't be so great if you got this song over and over. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to be a little aggressive when you're taking on a bad guy though. Just sayin.'

3.  “September” By Earth, Wind and Fire

“September” feels deeply on-brand for Peter Quill, and adds a little verve and fun to the new Epcot-based rollercoaster. I really enjoyed it. There’s not a lot to complain about with this song experience. The only reason it ended up in third place is because it's a little less fun than "Disco Inferno" and quite a bit less aggressive than "One Way Or Another." It's definitely a track you could repeat again and again. 

2. “Disco Inferno” By The Trammps

This was the song I got very first when I rode and it's a great song to kick off with. The vibe is very "Awesome Mix" and it's also a song I consistently heard was a favorite among people checking out Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind for the first time. Hopefully you'll get the chance to experience this one as well the next time you head to Epcot. 

1. “I Ran (So Far Away)” By A Flock Of Seagulls

Honestly, this was the second to last song I finally got in my queuing for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, and oh boy was it worth the wait. It’s like this song was written for the ride. Or maybe the ride storyline and beats were created with the song in mind. Knowing how the mixtape was created, this thought I just shared does NOT seem like it could possibly be true, but it does feel that way while riding. What a glorious, wonderful experience that I hope to repeat soon. 

Not only did Imagineers do a great job of choosing six Peter Quill-era specific songs to complement the ride (more on how that could differ in GOTG Vol. 3), the coaster's smooth track and reverse launch are also highlights of an exceptional Epcot ride. As one Imagineer suggested to me, do "pay attention" to the snappy dialogue and story on the ride as well, particularly any time Drax is involved.  

I highly expect everyone will have a slightly different list of favorite songs going into their next Epcot experience, and while a virtual queue is in place for Cosmic Rewind now that it's open and it may be difficult to get on multiple times, trying new songs should just give you something to look forward to time and time again.

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