Reviews Are In For Super Nintendo World, See What People Are Saying About Universal’s New Land

Mario, Luigi and Peach characters at Super Nintendo World entrance
(Image credit: Universal Studios Hollywood)

It feels like rumors about a U.S.-based theme park dedicated to the characters of Nintendo have been flying for years (if not decades), with news of an actual ribbon-cutting ceremony getting punted down the line while plans took shape. Delays also affected the opening of the Super Nintendo Land in Japan, which finally opened its doors in March of 2021. Plans for a like-minded theme park at Universal Studios Hollywood officially got underway around that same time, and construction was tracked by fans itching to experience the immersion of a Nintendo park in the United States. Well, today is the day that Super Nintendo World is opening in Los Angeles, and reviews of the park already are online. 

CinemaBlend’s Theme Park expert Dirk Libbey was on hand for the media preview of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, and filed his official review in which he called the land “just about everything a Nintendo fan, or a theme park fan, could want.” He praised the immersion that is evident in the park, comparing it even to the experience one might get if they walked into a game of Super Mario and saw enemies and levels all around you. Universal likely knew that the land was going to work, and that’s why they started celebrating Mario Day in advance, to ramp up the hype.

Our review of Super Nintendo World wasn’t the only positive one out there, though. The L.A. Times raved about the theme park expansion in its backyard, telling readers:

The land is a win for Universal Studios Hollywood, doing for Nintendo what the Wizarding World of Harry Potter did for the fantasy franchise: build an all-encompassing world with detail designed to make guests hang out longer rather than come for a ride and bolt.

That’s high praise, as the Wizarding World has become a destination for Potter heads looking for any means to bring them closer into the world of their favorite literary characters. Hunter Bolding on Twitter didn’t compare Super Nintendo World to Harry Potter. He went in the direction of Star Wars (at the rival Disney parks) when he Tweeted:

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What those parks have in common, though, is complete immersion. When you step onto the grounds of Galaxy’s Edge or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you feel like you are inside of those movies, and it now sounds like Super Nintendo World completes that level of interactivity. Especially if you believe this user:

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The “best theme park area” they have ever seen? Even if that’s pre-opening hype, it makes me want to board a plane and head to Universal Studios Hollywood immediately. Or, I’ll patiently wait for the land to open ir Orlando, which was confirmed during this event. So that’s good news for fellow East Coasters. 

This grand opening feels like a massive commercial for Chris Pratt’s upcoming The Super Mario Bros Movie, which opens on April 7 and dropped this trailer:

The movie stars the voices of Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor Joy, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, and Seth Rogen. That’s a killer lineup of comedic talent, and gives us real hope that the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie can receive the same types of reviews that were given to the new theme park land.

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