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Viral Disney World TikTok Catches Family Pretending Older Child Is An Infant To Get Her In For Free

50th Anniversary Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom
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Ticket Prices at Disney World and Disneyland have increased significantly over the years and while interest in the parks has not dropped by much because of that, it’s not surprising if some people look for ways to save some money when visiting the vacation kingdom. However, one family appears to have taken things to an extreme by literally sneaking their kid into Magic Kingdom in an infant stroller. 

A video, taken by some unrelated bystanders and posted to TikTok, appears to show a family entering Magic Kingdom, with what would seem, to anybody that doesn’t look to close, to be a baby. It’s an infant car seat/stroller like so many families have. However, if you look closely, you might notice something out of the ordinary, and the end of the video confirms it. Check it out.

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Kids under the age of three can get into Disney Parks for free. However, once a child hits three, they are supposed to have a child ticket. Unfortunately, the child ticket isn’t much of a discount compared to the adult ticket, so it makes a three-year-old a lot more expensive than a two-year-old. Needless to say, this kid is not two.

It’s certainly not uncommon for parents to try and sneak their kids into the parks of Walt Disney World or Disneyland for free. There are, without question, a lot of three and four-year-old kids whose parents are claiming they’re still two every day at those gates. It would be difficult to prove and so it’s likely not worth arguing. Interestingly, a person in the comments claiming to be a former Cast Member says the person at the gate likely was well aware of what was happening, but the policy is not to argue. You do see the Cast Member who lets them through the gate do a double take as the stroller goes by.

On the one hand, this is pretty blatant, on par with Disney World dress code "hack", and sort of ridiculous. It’s an awful lot of work to go through, and now you have to push a baby stroller around all day. At the same time, yes, kids' tickets are ridiculously expensive, especially when you consider that your average three-year-old isn’t even tall enough to go on all the rides in the park. 

Before you go and cram your five-year-old in an infant car seat, there are some potential problems with this plan. Since the kid got in without a ticket, they won’t have access to anything that requires a ticket. They won’t be able to use Lightning Lanes since the kid won’t be able to join the group in the app. 

If you’re not planning on using Lightning Lanes, then it’s no big deal, but it’s worth considering. The lines at Disney World can get quite long. There’s also the fact that, due to the Disney Parks reservation system, if this didn’t work for any reason, they might not be able to simply go buy a ticket and then re-enter. If you want to  be sure you have a magical experience, maybe just buy the ticket.

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