Viral Disneyland Family Video Features Theme Park Moment Most Parents Can Relate To

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland
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If you’ve ever been a parent taking your family to a theme or even just seen a family with small children, you know what tends to happen. Kids usually start the day super excited to be where they are, but as that day rolls on, things can get…complicated. There’s a point in the mid-afternoon or early evening where probably everybody could use a nap, but there’s always that one person that doesn’t want to miss anything. 

One family had some fun with this idea on Instagram and their video has now gone viral. The Dashleys’ clip shows them wandering through Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure, where mom and her kids are both tired. They;re trying to make it through to fireworks, but those last couple hours before the show can get awfully long. Unfortunately, grandpa has gone all in on Disneyland Resort and if anybody thinks he will be slowing down any time soon, you can forget it. Check it out.

As a dad of small kids, who is also an absolute nut for theme parks, especially Disneyland, I feel this in a visceral way. My daughter loves Disneyland too, but she’s little and can’t just go straight from rope drop to fireworks without getting worn down. Her dad, however, can do that, go back to the hotel, and then do it all again the next day. 

The child meltdown at Disneyland or any other theme park feels like something we all go through. Either you're a parent who had to experience it, or you’re just somebody who had to watch it happen while waiting in line or sitting at dinner. Eventually kids get tired and they can’t help it. I’ve certainly been there.

But there can then be a real clash between younger kids and older kids, or even adults. Disneyland is supposed to be a place where adults and children play together and while a great deal of shade is thrown at “Disney Adults,” it was always the intention that adults would want to be there too. Although there have been those that think childless Disney Adults are a serious problem

Especially if you’re on a big family vacation and you’ve never been to the park, or haven’t been there for a long time, you want to be able to experience everything, and that sometimes means taking little to no rest. Tensions can run high on vacation. Sometimes Disneyland trips even get violent.

On the plus side, those kids have a stroller, so honestly they can just go to sleep there if they’re tired. Grandpa can wake them up when the fireworks start. And while they’re sleeping mom and grandpa can get a drink somewhere. It’s the beauty of Disney California Adventure.

Dirk Libbey
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