Angry Mom Wants People Without Children Banned From Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World and Disneyland are supposed to be happy places. Unfortunately, these days the parks are making the news because people are throwing punches at each other, showing that sometimes even the magic of the park isn't enough to overcome people's emotions. Now we can add another very angry person to this list. A woman's furious rant about Walt Disney World has gone viral, but her beef appears to actually be that some people in the parks are just having too much fun, more than she is anyway.

In this case, the anonymous woman is claiming that childless people should be banned from the parks. Apparently, Walt Disney World is for kids and families, and those damn childfree people with too much disposable income are ruining it for the parents. They make the lines too long, they spend their money on too many toys and snacks, which apparently make the kids want them even more. It's just hell, apparently. Check out the full tilt insanity below.

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Clearly, the toddler isn't the only one who's exhausted. This angry mom's rant has gone viral, thanks to writer Jennifer Kathleen on Twitter, and sparked the sort of responses you can likely imagine. Mainly from childfree Disney fans who think it's hilarious that they're being blamed for all this.

As somebody who has taken a two-year-old to Walt Disney World, I can totally understand the frustration that goes with that, but it's hardly anybody else's fault. Your kid is going to want all the snacks and all the souvenirs regardless of whether or not anybody else is buying a Mickey Mouse shaped pretzel or not, and the lines are always going to be long. If they're not full of young people without kids, they'll get filled up by the parents who have the money to buy such things.

Having said that, before I was a father, I was totally one of those childfree people wandering Disney parks, and let me tell you it's awesome. Being able to sit in a line and not have to keep somebody entertained, being able to sit down to a nice, adult, dinner and take your time with the meal, it's great. Walt Disney World is a lot of fun without kids, I recommend it. I was a little sad I couldn't bring my family when I got to check out Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge recently, but I was also not sad that I had complete freedom again.

I'm not even sure how mothers with children get to skip the lines would even work. Childfree people aside, there parks are still mostly made up of families, there's no feasible way that would function. I mean, I get the desire, little kids don't love lines. I will say during my last trip we would have been totally cool with an option that let one parent wait in the line while the other entertained the kid elsewhere, then let the family jump on the ride together. On most rides it wouldn't change the loading procedure at all, just saying.

Although, if the lines are the issue, Disney Mom might want to consider taking her kid over to Disneyland instead, the lines there have reportedly been unseasonable short this summer.

This woman can relax. Insane rant aside, nobody is assuming she's a bad mother if her kid is running around and throwing a fit at Walt Disney World. At some point, everybody's kid is throwing a fit at Walt Disney World, it's what they do, they're kids. It's why the girl in the shorts doesn't have one.

Walt Disney World vacations can be stressful. The fights and this rant show that pretty clearly, but let's try to all get along. Everybody there loves the park and surely we can share some joy over that. The kids will get older and be easier to manage (that's what people tell me anyway) and then they can grow up and become assholes buying Mickey pretzels and making toddlers cry.

Dirk Libbey
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