Chris Evans Visited Pixar Pier At Disneyland After The Lightyear Premiere, Then Responded After The Actor Got Roasted For Poses, Accused Of Photoshop

Chris Evans' Lightyear in Pixar movie
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Chris Evans is already one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he’s about to become a Pixar hero as well when he stars in Lightyear. The new Pixar movie recently had its world premiere in Southern California and Evans celebrated by visiting Disneyland Resort and getting photos taken with his Pixar Pals. However, some fans are wondering if he was ever really there.

Chris Evans posted a pair of images to Instagram, that show him standing on the boardwalk entrance to Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure. In one picture he’s surrounded by a variety of Pixar characters, in another, he’s hanging with Mickey and Minnie who are in their best Woody and Buzz cosplay. However, if you look at Chris Evans you may notice something odd. He appears to be in literally the same pose in both pictures. Like he hasn’t moved a muscle. 

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Fans then began to, at least somewhat jokingly, accuse Chris Evans’ pictures of being a photoshop job. How else would he be in such a perfect pose in both pictures? It's hard to believe that Chris Evans could nail the pose so identically that it looks like he was copied from one picture into another.  Maybe there was a problem and Evans didn’t look good in one picture or the other and so they were modified so the actor wouldn’t look bad. 

Chris Evans saw the responses to his pictures and he’s clearly appreciating the fun. He added a post to his Instagram Stories where he swears these pictures were not photoshopped, he’s just very good at posing for the camera.

Chris Evans at Disney California Adventure

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To be fair, Chris Evans stands in front of cameras for a living, so the man is probably very well practiced in holding whatever pose he’s expected to have. Still, it’s pretty impressive that Evans can hold such a pose so perfectly. Did he not move a muscle between pictures, or was he able to recreate the exact same pose twice in succession? Either way, the man has some modelling skills. 

Captain America is already a presence at Disney California Adventure, including in zombie Cap form, and so is Buzz Lightyear, so technically there are two Chris Evans characters fans will find at Disneyland Resort. Although, the version of Buzz guests will find is very specifically the one from the Toy Story movies as created by Tim Allen. One wonders if we might get a new version of Buzz in the parks that looks a bit more like the version in Lightyear. It might be strange to have two versions of Buzz walking around, but Disney rarely misses an opportunity to bring a new character into the parks to help promote a new movie or TV series.  

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