Viral TikTok Shows Magic Kingdom Restaurant Flooding While People Calmly Keep Eating At Disney World

Having recently achieved a new post-pandemic reopening milestone, Disney World is seemingly the perfect place to spend some fun time with the family. Since reopening, people have indeed been visiting the theme park by the masses, causing increased wait times for rides. Some of these recent Disney World goers were in for an unexpectedly wet experience, though, as a viral TikTok showed a Magic Kingdom restaurant flooding while patrons calmly kept eating. 

Hey, at least it didn’t catch on fire like another Disney World attraction! Instead, water started creeping into Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, a saloon-themed and cafeteria-style restaurant located in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland. 

A TikTok user was sent a video taken by their father that shows the Mexican fare restaurant covered in a thin layer of water. Even though the water certainly clashes with its wild west atmosphere and is no way an Imagineered part of the aesthetic, the video shows restaurant patrons continuing to eat relatively calmly, with the occasional side-eye toward the flooded ground. Check the video out for yourself in the post below:


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After two years of living in a pandemic, a little bit of water is seemingly nothing to be phased by. People are pretty much used to making due in unfavorable conditions and isolating in their homes, and they just want to get out in the world and do things. This video is pretty much the real life equivalent to the “This is fine” meme of the dog sitting in a room on fire. On the other hand, if I paid the increasing prices for a vacation to Disney World, I wouldn’t let a little water ruin my experience either. 

The flooding of Pecos Bill comes after Disney World’s sister theme park Disneyland had a holiday attraction open late due to flooding. Cleaning up some minor flooding in a restaurant is probably no big deal compared to machinery on a ride getting damaged, but it’s still not what you want to see while trying to down a burrito in between rides. Disney World has also had its own issues with flooding after heavy rain, as Hollywood Studios accidentally turned into a water park earlier this year.

According to the TikTok user who shared the video, the flooding was caused by one of the drains outside of the restaurant being clogged. Heavy rains were seemingly part of the cause in this case as well, which can’t really be avoided in Florida climate.

Even though occasional flooding is apparently a thing at Disney World, the iconic theme park is consistently adding new features and 2022 is bringing in a number of upcoming Disney World attractions for theme park goers to look forward to.

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