Avatar: The Way Of Water's Final Trailer Puts Jake Sully And His Family In An Exciting New Setting

It’s really hard to believe that we’re drawing ever closer to the release of James Cameron’s upcoming movie Avatar: The Way of Water. What was once an oft-delayed project that felt like a pseudo-pipe dream is within striking distance, as tickets have officially gone on sale for the return to Pandora at a theater near you. 

Heralding this occasion is what’s being dubbed as the final trailer for the film, and as we’ve now seen, the Sully family of Na'vi are fish out of water. Or rather, they're about to head into the water, as they are seeking the support of the aquatic
based Metkayina tribe. 

Freshly debuted during Monday Night Football, 20th Century Studios has given us our final reel of footage from Avatar 2’s marketing machine, save for whatever commercials come next. While we don't exactly have too much more to go on in terms of plot, James Cameron's next romp still looks epic in scope and visual grandeur. 

Audiences should definitely prepare themselves for a sizable adventure, as along with the recently released tickets came a slight correction Avatar 2’s previously rumored running time. Clocking in at 3 hours and 12 minutes, this next chapter is roughly a half hour longer than the theatrical cut of Avatar, which came in at 2 hours and 42 minutes. It’s also two minutes longer than what was previously speculated, but there’s apparently a reason for this.

James Cameron has explained Avatar 2’s running time is due to digging into more emotional and character driven storytelling. With Sam and Neyieri's family learning the new ways of another sect of Na'vi, whatever warfare ensues will be all the more personal. All of that focus on character may also be why Cameron and his marketing department have been light on plot details, but heavy on getting the audience reacquainted with this world.

13 years later, Avatar: The Way of Water is finally resuming the vision that James Cameron put on the map with its record breaking origin story. As the shrewdly planned re-release of Avatar, there’s still a vocal fanbase that’s ready for more of this adventure in all of its beautiful splendor. James Cameron still has faith in Avatar: The Way of Water’s potential success, and so do quite a few other people.

Similar to how Avatar kept some secrets close to the vest, its sequel looks to be playing that same sort of game. All that stands between fans and the initial reactions to Avatar: The Way of Water is time. The next chapter flows into the public consciousness, starting with early showings on December 15th. Tickets are now available, so if you’re looking to reunite with Jake Sully’s adventures sooner than later, you should probably book now. 

Mike Reyes
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