New Matrix Resurrections Trailer Reveals Jada Pinkett Smith's Bold New Look

Mystery is what binds The Matrix franchise to its fandom, as every peek behind the curtain drops a couple more clues into the bucket of fate for Keanu Reeves’ Neo, and his fellow freedom fighters. As tickets are now officially on sale for the next chapter of this adventure, there’s another huge piece that’s landed right in everyone’s laps; and that’s amid some other huge clues in this latest look. Brace yourself, because the new Matrix Resurrections trailer reveals Jada Pinkett Smith’s bold new look in Lana Wachowski’s latest sequel.

In celebration of your opportunity to book those crucial opening weekend viewings, Warner Bros has given the world another present in the world of The Matrix 4’s sprawling mystery. It seems that everyone, even the new Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), understands that things seem to have looped back around to the beginning of Thomas Anderson’s journey as Neo. And one of the figures that gives him sage guidance looks to be none other than Niobe herself! In case you missed it, here’s what Ms. Smith looks like in the new Matrix movie: 

Jada PInkett Smith as older Niobe in The Matrix Resurrections.

(Image credit: Warner Bros/Village Roadshow Pictures)

As if that wasn’t enough, some other bold new choices look to have been made. One of which has to do with Jonathan Groff’s still unnamed character, who definitely looks like an antagonist. They don’t say his name out loud, but if you can’t peg who Mr. Groff’s supposed to be channelling by now, then maybe you should revisit The Matrix Trilogy before reading further. 

Obviously, this is another step in the path to the presumed confirmation that Agent Smith’s rebooted form in The Matrix Resurrections happens to be the tech bro that acts as Thomas Anderson’s presumed boss. Should that be the case, it seems that the machines are keeping even closer tabs on the once and future Neo than they ever have before. The only problem with this, or any theory coming from the marketing material, is that this is The Matrix and nothing is ever what it seems. 

For the marketing machine surrounding the third return since 1999’s groundbreaking classic to give away all the presents before the holidays feels like a fool’s errand. Secrecy has always been important to the world of The Matrix, with the game being just what information should be released, and when. Case in point: we’re just now learning that Priyanka Chopra is playing Sati from the original trilogy, and that decision is one of many that seem to be giving us a clue to the final form of this movie’s story. 

In a moment reminiscent of The Matrix Reloaded, Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) tells Neo that she’s seen their adventure in a dream that ends at a very specific point. Kind of like how Neo saw Trinity’s fate play out in his own dreams in that 2003 story, which boiled everything down to a choice that the supposed savior of humanity needed to make. That choice looks like it’s being made again, but this time, it’s Trinity’s decision that will determine the road forward. 

The rabbit hole awaits for fans old and new, as The Matrix Resurrections reboots this familiar digital war on December 22nd, both in theaters and on HBO Max. Tickets are now on sale, so don’t sleep on your chance to jack back in, and learn the secrets of The Matrix before they’re spoiled for you. And between you and us, it's strongly advised to dig up a copy of Enter The Matrix, or at least check out the cinematics from that game, as vital clues seem to be hidden in those depths.

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