'Loki' Episode 4 "The Nexus Event" | Analysis & Review

Loki is ripping into MASSIVE topics that could have drastic effects on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Episode 4 of Marvel's Disney+ series titled "The Nexus Event," more was revealed about Loki and Sylvie's relationship, the TVA and the mysterious Time-Keepers. Follow along as CinemaBlend’s Managing Editor Sean O’Connell analyses all of the new information we learned and the larger implications for the future of the MCU.

Video Chapters

00:00 - Intro 

00:52 - The Time-Keepers Are Confirmed Fake 

03:05 - The Nexus Event on Lamentis 

05:09 - What Was Sylvie’s Nexus Event? 

06:30 - Are Vampires Being Teased? 

07:18 - Who Is Behind The Crumbling TVA? 

09:04 - What The Mid-Credits Scene Means 

11:12 - Outro

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