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The popular video game "Doom" is loosely adapted into a science fiction/horror film. It's the story of a Special Ops team drawn to Mars by a distress signal. When they arrive, they find demonic creatures from another dimension hiding in the shadows, slaughtering the survivors.

A lot of the buzz around the now wrapped Doom movie so far has been complaining about how it won’t be faithful to the videogame on which it’s based. It’s a game, so I’m not sure why anyone is worried about being faithful, the game was popular for being ultra-violent not for having a great story, but that seems to be the concern.

Well here’s the plot, those of you who’ve played the game tell me if it jives for you. John Grimm and a guy not so creatively named Sarge (The Rock) are the leaders of some sort of military group in the future. They get distress call from a lab on a remote planet. They show up, there are monsters there. They fight them. Sounds a lot like Alien, only without any of that pesky thoughtfulness or suspense.

I’m still a little disappointed that "The Rock" is even in this, it’s such a stock, muscle guy movie role for him. I’ve been saying for years that the guy has talent, but if he’s going to take roles like this he’ll never show it. He’s had a few good stints, most notably as a hilarious gay bodyguard in this year’s Get Shorty sequel Be Cool. But for ever great role like that he picks up, he does something lame like Doom or The Scorpion King.

Maybe I’m selling Doom short. Historically videogame movies have been terrible, but there’s always a chance this one could be gritty, gorey, R-rated fun. A small one, but there’s always a chance. The more images I see, the better it looks. They keep pushing a video game-like first person perspective, but if that's actually used in the film and not just the trailers, it won't be the whole thing. I can't believe it'll do much for anyone who isn't a hardcore fan of the game anyway.

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