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5 Ridiculous xXx Scenes You Need To See To Believe
This weekend marks the return of Vin Diesel in the long hibernating xXx franchise. If you're looking for an over-the-top action spectacle, then xXx: The Return of Xander Cage is exactly the movie for you.
Total Recall Ending: Was It A Dream The Whole Time?
The 1990s Total Recall is one of the great action movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger's career. However, it's also one of the smarter movies that the actor was ever involved in. To this day, it's not clear exactly how the movie ended.
Karen Gillan Swears There’s A Reason For Her Skimpy Jumanji Costume
At this point just about the only image that we have of Karen Gillan in the new Jumanji movie is a picture of her in really short shorts and a crop top. The outfit has been criticized for being unnecessary, but the actress promises that it is.
What Doctor Strange's Costume Almost Looked Like
The costume that Stephen Strange wears as a sorcerer is a fairly simple one. It's a blue robe and a red cape. However, that doesn't mean that the simple looks can't see several different designs over time.
What Mark Hamill Thought About While Holding His Return Of The Jedi Lightsaber For The First Time In Decades
In Star Wars: The Force Awakens there's a scene where a character picks up a lightsaber and is then flooded with memories. As it turns out, that's sort of what happens in real life too.
The First Clip From Netflix's JonBenet Ramsey Documentary Is Totally Unnerving
Following in the footsteps of their documentary on Amanda Knox, Netflix is now going to look into another famous murder case, that of child pageant contestant JonBenet Ramsey. The first clip from the movie promises to make this one just as chilling.
The Head Of Xbox Just Teased A Major Unannounced Multiplayer Title For This Year
Most major games get announced long in advance of their actual release so the hype builds early. However, Xbox head honcho Phil Specter just teased an announcement of a game we don't know about, that could be here very soon.
The Division Movie Just Took A Big Step Forward
While the critical and commercial success of Assassin's Creed probably wasn't what publisher Ubisoft was looking for, that's not slowing the studio down on their next video game to movie adaptation.
A Dog's Purpose Star And Director Are Speaking Out About The German Shepherd Controversy
A Dog's Purpose was looking like it was all set to be a heartwarming story for the cold winter months. Unfortunately, the press the film has received this week has not been what anybody wanted to see. Now the film's star and director are speaking out about the controversy.
The Cool Way G.I. Joe and Transformers Nearly Crossed Over On The Big Screen
The Transformers film franchise has been box office gold since the beginning. However, the other film series based on classic toys, G.I.Joe hasn't done nearly as well. One director had the idea to help boost the latter by adding the former.
Logan Red-Band Trailer Includes One New NSFW Scene
The newest trailer for Logan dropped this morning and the movie looks better than ever. However, there's an additional version of the trailer out there that gives us our first look at why the movie is rated-R.
Why Gabe Newell Likes Portal More Than Half-Life
Valve is responsible for some of the most popular video games ever made. They created franchises that gamers all over the world love. So which one does the company's head honcho like best? Not the one you might think.
How Many Pixar Easter Eggs From This Extensive Video Have You Seen?
If you're a hardcore Pixar fan then you're probably used to looking for, and finding, references to other Pixar films inside each of their theatrical releases. However, a new Disney video shows off some easter eggs that even the most eagle-eyed viewer may have missed.
What Corey Hawkins Will Be Doing In Kong: Skull Island
Fans of the classic monster movie are surely looking forward to the release of Kong: Skull Island. The cast is absolutely packed with stars, including Straight Outta Compton's Corey Hawkins, who has revealed some new details about his character.
DC’s Shazam Movie Rumored To Be Looking At Frequent Rock Collaborator For Its Director
One of the most curious items on DC's film slate is the long in development Shazam. The only thing we've known for sure about the movie is that The Rock would be in it, now that connection may have led to the film finally finding a director.
Avengers: Infinity War To Feature At Least One Other Marvel Villain
There are quite a few Marvel movies on the slate between now and big throwdown in Avengers: Infinity War, but the pieces are starting to come together for the big team-up movie. You can now add another existing MCU character to the long list of those that will be appearing.
The Blunt Reason Major X-Men Characters Likely Won’t Cameo In Deadpool 2, According To The Writers
There's really no question that Deadpool is now the movie that's going to carry the Fox X-Men franchise forward into whatever it is the series has planned next. Having said that, don't expect to see a lot of your favorite X-Men pop up in the sequel.
How Tomb Raider’s Writer Feels About The Reboot’s Controversial Scene
When the Tomb Raider series got its reboot back in 2013 it almost instantly ran intro controversy. Now, the writer behind both recent Tomb Raider titles has talked about her feelings on the backlash.
Hyper-Violent John Wick Video Reminds You Everything You Need To Know Before John Wick 2
At this point, it's a fairly well-understood fact that the original John Wick was a spectacular action movie. Hopefully, this means you've seen it. If not, fix that. However, if for some reason you don't have time, a new video is available to summarize the important bits.
What We Think A Wrinkle In Time Is Preparing To Show Fans
Of all the movies that Disney has on their slate in the coming years, one of the most anticipated may be A Wrinkle in Time. It's a novel that so many grew up with that they're all curious what the movie is going to look like. It appears some new details may be about to emerge.
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