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Do We Finally Know What The Han Solo Movie Is Going To Be Called?

Of all the questions that we have concerning the new Han Solo movie, there may be none bigger than the simple question of what the movie will actually be called. Now, the final title may have been leaked.

How AMC Is Actually Trying To Ban MoviePass

MoviePass made wave recently when they dropped the price of their movie ticket service to a bargain basement $9.95 a month. AMC Theaters made it clear they do not support the change,m and now they've begun to take steps against the service.

Star Wars Episode 8 Just Showed Off A Massive Explosion

With the summer movie season coming to an end we can now all focus on what's important in the world of cinema, Star Wars. Director Rian Johnson has given us a single image from the new film, and it's huge.

The Funniest Reactions To The Joker Origin Movie

Yesterday, we received news that a new Joker movie was in the works over at Warner Bros. While details on the project are minimal, that hasn't stopped many from voicing their displeasure with the entire concept.

Bill Nighy Had No Idea He Was Even In Pirates Of The Caribbean 5

Whether or not we'll see another Pirates of the Caribbean movie is unclear. However, that didn't stop the most recent entry in the franchise from teasing a potential follow-up, even though the actor attached to that tease apparently had no idea.

Why William Shatner Didn't Want Khan To Be In Star Trek 2

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. It became one of the most popular pieces of the entire franchise, and yet, William Shatner apparently thought it was a bad idea.

Evangeline Lilly's Still Training For Ant-Man And The Wasp, And This Time She's Showing Off Her Abs

The sequel to Marvel's Ant-Man is currently filming and while production has already begun, it hasn't slowed down Evangeline Lilly's workout regimen to get her into superhero shape.

How The Silver Sable And Black Cat Movie May Use Norman Osborn

It's been rumored that a lot of potential Spider-Man villains may be making their way to the Silver and Black movie being put together by Sony right now. The most surprising name on the list might be one of the wall-crawlers biggest nemeses, Norman Osborn.

Star Wars Creatures And Characters, Ranked By Cuteness

Recently, Star Wars: The Last Jedi revealed some of the new alien creatures that will be part of the newest film in the franchise. The internet met them with a collective "awwwww."

Wonder Woman Is Now The Biggest Superhero Origin Story Ever

There is no more popular part of any superhero franchise than the origin story. And now, there is no origin story as popular on the big screen as that of Wonder Woman.

One Animated Franchise Is Now The Highest-Grossing In The World, And It’s Surprising

2017 hasn't been the greatest year for animation. And yet, for one particular franchise, 2017 has been an amazing year. Specifically, when it comes to box office receipts.

What Glass, M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable Sequel, Will Be About

One of the best plot twists in recent memory happened earlier this year when the final scene of M. Night Shyamalan's Split revealed it was part of the same world as his superhero movie Unbreakable.

Avengers 4 Will Travel To A Unique Location In The MCU, According To Set Photos

Most of us haven't even had a first look at Avengers 3, but the filming of Avengers 4 appears to be in full swing and the movie has traveled to a very interesting place to film its next scenes.

See The First Look At Broadway’s Frozen Cast In Costume

Frozen has been an absolute juggernaut that has conquered movie screens and the hearts of children, now the blockbuster sets its sights on the stage. We have the first look at the Broadway cast and they look perfect.

9 Great Movies That Are Still In Theaters Right Now

The summer movie season is coming to an end, and as the dust clears, it wouldn't be an understatement to say this summer has felt somewhat lacking. That doesn't mean there weren't some great movies and many of them are still in theaters.

When And Where The Earlier Marvel Movies Are Coming Back To Theaters

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become so big that you'd be forgiven for forgetting a lot of what has already happened. Luckily, fans will have a chance to catch up on the big screen.

Here's Everything Wrong With Ghost In The Shell In One Video

The live-action version of Ghost in the Shell was a movie that struggled to find an audience on the big screen. Now, a new video counts every single reason why.

New Avengers: Infinity War Art Features A Bearded Captain America And More

When Avengers: Infinity War finally arrives next summer we're going to see all of our favorite heroes in one place. However, based on some new art, it looks like they're going to look very different than how we're used to seeing them.

Patty Jenkins Is Reportedly About To Sign A Huge Wonder Woman 2 Deal

Wonder Woman is officially the highest grossing movie of the summer and we already know the sequel is on its way. However, in order to be sure the studio gets its director back, they're apparently willing to make a massive deal.

Why Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle May Be The Mario Game To Beat This Year

The latter half of 2017 will see no fewer than two different Mario games hit the Nintendo Switch. I was able to spend a little bit of time with both of them at San Diego Comic-Con and the better game may be the weirder one.

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