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How Bill Paxton Really Felt About The Titanic Alternate Ending Getting Cut
Fans of Titanic may be aware that there was once an extended ending to the film that brought the late Bill Paxton back into the story. After his death, we now know what he thinks of the ending that almost was.
The Oscars In Memoriam Reel Accidentally Included One Woman Who Is Still Alive
Last night the Academy Awards made a very big, and very public mistake when it came to announcing Best Picture. However, it turns out that wasn't the nights only screwup, and the other one is honestly probably a bigger deal.
The Internet's Best Reactions To That Oscars’ Best Picture Fiasco
Last night was pretty much just another Oscar night like any other. The show was too long, the awards were too predictable, and the comedy didn't land half the time. And then The Best Picture award was handed out and the entire show exploded.
Watch The Touching Moana Oscars Performance From Lin-Manuel Miranda And Auli'i Cravalho
It was clear when the Oscars opened the show with one of the nominated songs that the show was planning to do something special with music. They raised the ante when it was time to perform How Far I'll Go from Moana.
Watch Jimmy Kimmel Make Up With, Then Tear Into Matt Damon At The Oscars
Jimmy Kimmel has a longstanding bit going with actor Matt Damon so we figured at some point during the Oscar ceremony the host would make reference to the actor. It took about three minutes for that to happen.
The 6 Best Bill Paxton Characters, And Why We Love Them
Movie fans were shocked today to learn that character actor Bill Paxton had passed away. He was in so many of our favorite movies that we could spend all week listing them out. Here, however, are a few of our absolute favorites.
CinemaBlend Predicts The Star Wars: Last Jedi Plot, Without Having Seen A Single Trailer
The folks at Lucasfilm and Disney have been fantastically good so far when it comes to protecting details regarding Star Wars: The Last Jedi. They have yet to release any trailer for the film, so we have no idea what any of the movie will look like or what the story will actually be. Or do we?
Is This Why No One Went To Emma Stone's One-Woman Show In La La Land?
La La Land follows Emma Stone as an aspiring actress who hits one roadblock after another on her quest for success and stardom. Now, somebody may have figured out just why she had so much trouble getting attention.
The Jurassic World 2 Photo Bryce Dallas Howard Shared As The Sequel Starts Filming
Jurassic World became one of the biggest movies of all time when it was released two years ago. It's now time to see if the sequel can match that, as filming is now underway.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Reshoots May Affect Carrie Fisher’s Role In The Sequel
While Star Wars: The Force Awakens left us with many open questions, the death of Carrie Fisher has overshadowed all of them. The biggest question we want answered now, is what's going to happen to General Leia?
What The X-Men Franchise Should Do With Wolverine, According To Logan's Director
Hugh Jackman is about to say goodbye to a role that made him a star, and that he made iconic in the history of film. How does anybody follow that in the future? Logan director James Mangold has an idea.
Cars 3 Has Cast A Dozen NASCAR All-Stars, Here’s Who They Will Be Playing
Cars 3 is set to debut this summer and bring Pixar's version of auto racing back to the big screen. In order to make the racing experience as authentic as possible, the studio has now enlisted several different NASCAR drivers and former drivers to voice characters in the film.
The Insane Amount Of Money Beauty And The Beast Is On Track To Earn On Opening Weekend
Beauty and the Beast is going to be a big movie. This is not in dispute. It's a Disney fairy tale musical. You expect them to do well. What is surprising is just how big a movie it might actually be.
The Raid Remake Has Picked An Insanely Badass Location For Its Setting
The Raid is generally considered to be one of the best action movies of recent years. For that reason, it's not surprising that the film is being remade. However, the new version will be changing several things, including the location.
How Hugh Jackman's Future As Wolverine May Have Changed If The X-Men Were In The MCU
For as long as there has been a Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have wanted to see the X-Men become part of it. Doing so now would radically change the state of the MCU, but that's not the only thing that would be impacted.
Delightful Disney Video Shows The Rock Singing One Of Moana’s Best Songs
Moana is a movie that is full of great songs, but if you've seen it, then there's little question which tune is still bouncing around inside your head. The Rock's song is the sort of earworm that doesn't go away and a new video shows off the man himself recording the tune.
Will Ferrell's Step Brothers 2 Update Might Make You Very Sad
Whenever an original idea comes along that fans gravitate toward, the talk of a sequel is sure to follow. Such has been the case with the long demanded Step Brothers 2. The most recent news on the project, however, will not make those fans very happy.
Disney Extends IMAX Deal That Will Affect Indiana Jones 5, Star Wars, Marvel And More
Advancements in technology have made watching movies at home one of the simplest things in the world do. As such, theaters have had to come up with creative ways to keep people coming back to the cinema. One of the most popular ways is the massive Imax screen.
The Insane Number Of Americans Who Can't Name A Single Best Picture Nominee
Part of the reason that the Academy Awards expanded the Best Picture category to 10 nominees was in hopes of attracting more interest by bringing in more popular films. It hasn't worked.
Angelina Jolie Might Do Maleficent 2 As Her Next Project
While Disney's live-action fairy tale franchise has been doing gangbuster business lately, back in 2014 nobody was quite sure how a reinvention of Sleeping Beauty that focused on the villain would work. It worked out pretty well for all involved.
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