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9 Best Spy Movies on Netflix Right Now

With Kingsman: The Golden Circle priming folks up for more fast-paced espionage comedy, we have spies on the brain! Read on to see the best movies to keep the spy action going on Netflix.

How To See Bella Thorne's Amityville Movie For Free Before It Hits Theaters

If you're a big Bella Thorne fan, or even a fan of the horror genre, your day is about to be made. Read on to see how you can enjoy Amityville: The Awakening, for free, days before it opens to theatrical release.

What Darren Aronofsky Thinks Of Mother! Getting An F On CinemaScore

Some directors might look at a CinemaScore of an F and get nervous, while others take it as a sign they've done their job right. Which side does mother! director Darren Aronofsky fall on? Read inside to find out.

9 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In October

October brings a lot of new content to Netfilx, but these titles are considered the cream of the crop. Read on to see what next month's streaming goodie bag holds for us all.

9 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix In October

Some pretty awesome movies are leaving Netflix in October. Take a look at what's heading out the door next month.

Wes Anderson's Isle Of Dogs Trailer Is Quirky And Beautiful

Wes Anderson's latest stop-motion extravaganza finally has a trailer. Take a look and see your first peek at Isle of Dogs.

The Pug From Kingsman Showed Up To The Premiere In A Suit, And It Was Glorious

How fancy is Kingsman: The Golden Circle? It's so fancy that the pug from the franchise showed up to the film's premiere fully decked out. See the pictures inside.

Gal Gadot Just Landed Her Next Non-DCEU Movie, And It Sounds Amazing

What do you do when you've hit DC paydirt? If you're Gal Gadot, you keep diversifying your acting experiences and pick up gigs outside of the realm of comics. Read on to see where Wonder Woman herself is heading next.

Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Streaming In October

Netflix's October line up just dropped, and there's a lot of gems heading our way. Take a look at what's coming our way, inside

The Live Action Akira Movie May Have Finally Found Its New Director

After on again / off again negotiations with various directors, Warner Bros may have found the director for their live action Akira remake.

Why Kingsman 2 Was Almost Split Into 2 Movies

Believe it or not, we almost got two movies out of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Read on to find out why this didn't happen, and what could happen down the line.

Minecraft Movie: Everything We Know So Far

It's a good time to look over just where the Minecraft movie sits in terms of its production, as well as who's involved. While the project is in the somewhat early phases of existence, there's still a good amount of information that shows where the Minecraft movie has been, and where it intends to go.

Given The Box Office, Is It Possible IT Becomes 3 Movies Instead Of 2?

Could we see a third film added to Warner Bros' IT adaptation? Read on to see what we're thinking, and why it makes sense.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

Summer might be over, but Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the big-ticket blockbuster we could have used a couple months ago, as it's easily one of the most enjoyable sequels / action pictures of the year.

How The Strain Series Finale Wrapped Up The Humans Vs. Strigoi Story

It's the end of The Strain as we know it, and we're feeling fine. Actually, we're not that fine, because the series is now officially over. Here's everything that went down.

How The Strain Will Probably Defeat The Master In The Series Finale

With this weekend marking the series finale of The Strain, we have to wonder just how it'll all end. Well, we think we've figured out part of that, read how we think The Master will be taken down.

Mother!'s Brutal Ending: How The Bible Can Help You Understand What Happened

Whoa mother! Darren Aronofsky's latest is perhaps his most outlandish, as a third act that goes off the rails eventually demolishes said rails to deliver a huge message. Read on to see what that message is, and how the Bible plays into all of it.

The Big Issues The LEGO Movie 2 Will Tackle, According To The Producer

The Lego Movie's sequel is ready to tackle some serious, real world issues, much like its predecessor.

Why Darren Aronofsky's Batman Movie Didn't Happen, According To Darren Aronofsky

Before Christopher Nolan crafted his Dark Knight saga and Zack Snyder teamed Batman with Superman, Darren Aronofsky had a different concept for a Batman movie that we never got to see. And now we have his take on why it didn't happen, as you'll see inside.

How IT's Bill Skarsgard Actually Came Up With Pennywise's Smile

How in the world did Bill Skarsgard develop the smile that brought IT's Pennywise to life? Read on to find out.

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